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    PostSubject: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 01, 2010 1:59 am

    "Turn up the music. Let's get out on the floor. I like to move it; come and give me some more. Watch me getting physical, out of control. There's people watching me; I never miss a beat. Steal the night, kill the lights, feel it under your skin. Time is right; keep it tight 'cause it's pulling you in. Wrap it up can't stop 'cause it feels like an overdose," the girl sang. She was dressed very uncharacteristically for the song she was singing. She never before had sang a song like this for an audience and waited to see how it would be taken.

    When the crowd erupted into cheers, she shot a smirk backstage at the members of “Lillith’s Sons.” She turned back to the audience and continued to sing. "My body's aching; system overload. Temperature's rising, I'm about to explode. Watch me I'm intoxicated, taking the show. It's got me hypnotized. Everybody step aside. Steal the night, kill the lights, feel it under your skin. Time is right; keep it tight 'cause it's pulling you in. Wrap it up can't stop 'cause it feels like an overdose."

    The lights hit her violet, green, blue, and blonde hair. Her silver eyes sparkled as she sang and she danced with the guitarist as a guest singer took his lines. Her outfit left little to the imagination and she could seem to care less.

    A pair of tight, black leather pants sat just below her hip bone and showed off the curve of her lovely legs. A tiny black halter top that could almost not be called a shirt left her stomach exposed from just below her chest to the top of her low-rise pants. A black sleeveless leather vest sat upon her shoulders. She had left it open in the front in an attempt to remain cooler upon the stage.

    She completely owned the stage and everyone knew it. However, none even knew her name. They knew what the lead singer of the popular punk rock band "The Guild" looked like, but not her name. She refused to give it. Instead, they called her simply "Z."

    She wasn't sure when or why she got the name, but she let her fans call her whatever they wanted. As long as they didn't know her real name, she was ok. She began to sing again and danced over to hit the drums for her drummer. He grinned and winked at her. She winked back and finished the song.

    The crowd erupted and the stage went black. She could see perfectly well and grabbed a guitar as the crowd called for an encore. When the lights came back on, they were surprised to see the guitarist at the mic and the tiny singer holding the guitar. They were more surprised to see that she was left-handed. The more obsessive fans made notes about it and the crowd blew up again as she began to play Diary of Jane.

    While the cords rang out, she stared fondly at her band mates while dancing around the stage. Harry, the usual guitarist, sang the song beautifully. He was sporting a pair of tight jeans and a plain white wife-beater. His forest green eyes accentuated his lovely face and his perfect smile was enough to make the steeliest woman swoon. His hair was currently done in a black and brown faux-hawk though he was the one who changed his hair for almost every show. Only the female in the band changed her hair more.

    The bassist, Aaron, moved up to sing with Harry. He wore a pair of dark skinny jeans and a black t-shirt. He was of a very similar build to Harry, but only the band members knew the two were truly twins. Aaron’s green eyes made his smile friendlier, but his brother was the one who got all the girls. Aaron’s hair remained the same for all shows and was a black mess. It looked as though the band member had forgotten he had a show and rolled out of bed two minutes before he was to go on stage. However, the rest of his perfect image put out this rumor.

    The drummer, Shade, was a very energetic male. He acted more like a child than most of the other members, being topped only by the singer. He sported a pair of khaki cargo shorts and a black wife-beater. His blond hair fell into his face and he was often seen shoving it out of his brown eyes. He was the middle age in the band. The twins were the oldest and the singer the youngest.

    Z smiled as she watched the group she had come to call family and thought back to how the small group met.

    “Phyre?” the teacher asked. The girl looked at the smiling woman and nodded nervously. A group of students snickered.

    “What kind of a name is Phyre?” one asked in a loud whisper. She fought back the urge to flip them off and took a seat where she was instructed.

    “Well, as you have seen we have a new student. Her name is Phyre and she transferred her to further her musical career. I understand you play the violin?”

    “I do play the violin,” the girl admitted though she hated it with a passion. She came to the Mushowzer University of Music on her parents’ wishes. They wanted her to become a professional violinist. She had different ideas. After all, why would you name your daughter “Phyre” if you wanted her to play classical music?

    She sat back and attempted to listen to the teacher’s lecture. “Hey,” a voice whispered from next to her. She turned to look at the speaker and almost jumped as identical faces stared back at her. “Yes?” she questioned.

    “Is it true your name is Phyre?” he asked. When she nodded, he grinned. “Harry, think she can learn?” he asked, addressing his twin. The other boy looked her up and down. “I don’t know Aaron. Hey, Phyre, can you play any other instruments? Can you sing?” he asked. She grinned now.

    “I play guitar and I can sing with the best of them,” she told him. “Righteous,” he stated. “Looks like we’ve found the last member of our band,” he finished. “Well, that is if you would like to join, Phyre.” She stared at them for a moment before nodding. “Sign me up.”

    Now, here they were. The group had made it big with several of the songs they wrote. Phyre’s parents hadn’t been terribly happy with her decision, but they supported her anyway. Naming the band had been the hard part. After Phyre had refused “Phyre Phighters” and Harry and Aaron shot down Shade’s “Trouble Brewing,” the group had decided to play a game of Rock Band.

    They had grinned at the simplicity of the game and how horrible they were at playing the fake guitars before it clicked and they stared at the screen. A random name had been generated for their band since they hadn’t named it themselves. A button had appeared on the screen reading, “The Guild.” The four looked at each other for a moment before deeming themselves “The Guild.”

    Phyre finished up the song and the crowd roared. The group willingly played Vanishing, the song that had gotten the band into the world of fame. Phyre had written the song as a joke and the band had put music to it. She handed Harry back his guitar and took the mic back. She walked over to the piano being wheeled onto the stage and sat on the bench.

    As the piano was being pushed into place, she played a little, just messing around. She thanked the crowd again and the outburst caused her to start the intricate piano rhythm Shade had written for this song. Harry and Aaron soon joined in as Shade tapped gently on his drums. Violins kicked in as back-up members struck up cords. The irony of the violins made Phyre smile as she began to sing.

    When the group finished the song, they left the stage. Phyre grinned at the members of “Lillith’s Sons” and held out her hand. They all placed five dollars in it, realizing they had lost the bet. “I told you the crowd would love techno music if their favorite rock band was singing it,” she stated.

    Before they could retort, a small voice came from behind her. “Z?” the voice asked. She turned to face a small man and smiled up at him. Though he was small compared to the rest of the band, the manager was at least a foot taller than the girl. “Yes?” she asked the kind man quietly.

    “I came to introduce the newest opening band. They apologize terribly for not being able to make it to the first three shows, but they will be opening before ‘Lillith’s Sons’ for the remainder of the tour.”

    Immediately the rest of the group was excited. The Pandora’s Punishment Tour was only just beginning and “The Guild” was curious as to who was going to be hyping up the crowd for them.

    “Guys, meet ‘Leather Wings,’” the manager told the gathered youth. Phyre looked at the group walking in and grinned. This may be an exciting tour after all.
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    PostSubject: Re: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 1:26 am

    Phyre’s critical eye took in the band as they walked in, pegging each for the instrument they played without thinking.
    The first boy was cocky, a smirk displayed across his, otherwise beautiful, face. He was without a shirt, instead wearing an open gray hoodie and jean jacket. His pants sat so low it was almost indecent and there was a Nightmare Before Christmas buckle on his studded belt. Emerald eyes peered out from beneath a mop of jaw-length black and blond hair to scan over the members of “Lillith’s Sons” and “The Guild”.
    “Lead guitar,” Phyre thought with a smile.
    Behind him came one with a darker aura about him. His hair was a messy black that reached mostly to his ears except for a few longer pieces around his face almost hiding his stunning icy eyes. His pants were electric blue and baggy with black straps crisscrossing behind him, the ends tucked into chunky boots. He wore a shirt, though it was almost boring compared to the rest of his clothing. It was a simple, long sleeved black sweater. He smiled serenely as he gazed at the others in the room.
    “Bass,” Phyre commented to herself.
    The third to enter the room did so with a child’s wonder. He all but bounced in, chocolate eyes wide in adoration of the other two bands. He flicked the violet bangs out of his eyes and ran a hand through the rest of his short black hair. His gray and black sweater didn’t really match with the blue and white plaid cargo shorts and skate shoes, but he didn’t seem to mind. The look worked for him in the long run.
    “Drummer,” Phyre thought, making a mental note to befriend the adorable boy but as the final member of the band walked in all thoughts fled her mind.
    “Oh my god,” she screamed, flinging herself at the girl. As the woman faltered she stepped back to get a better look.
    The lead singer of “Leather Wings” was a tall woman with gold eyes almost hidden by black and sky blue bangs. The top of her hair was short, probably only reaching her ears and bleached almost white while the underside reached past her shoulders and was solid black except for the bangs. She wore the most unusual pants, if you could call them that. They were really shorts that had pant legs attatched by straps, there was also half of a skirt over her left thigh. She wore a black wife-beater style tank top with a gray dragon printed on it and sky blue and black striped arm warmers that came to mid bicep.
    Assured it’s who she thought it was, she threw her arms around the woman again and squealed.
    “I missed you Scarr!”
    “Missed you to Phy, wanna let go now,” Scarrlette growled, pushing her friend away.
    “Stiff as ever I see, oh and call me Z, I don’t want the fans knowing my name,” Phyre taunted her, dodging the punch thrown by the taller girl with an easy grace.
    “Z?” Scarrlette raised an eyebrow with a smirk.
    “Don’t ask, I don’t even know,” Phyre giggled, linking her arm through the taller girls and pulling her along towards the rest of the bands.
    “So! This is ‘Lillith’s Sons’ and ‘The Guild’, that’s Harry, my lead guitarist,” she pointed to a boy who’s faux-hawk was falling as they stood there. He smiled, waving to Scarrlette before Phyre turned her towards another who looked almost identical.
    “That’s Aaron, my bassist,” the boy in question hardly had time to smile before Scarr was turned again to face the fourth boy of ‘The Guild’.
    “Shade, drums,” she giggled. Once again, no hello’s were said as Scarrlette was pulled away and towards the second band.
    “Travis is vocals, Jacob is lead guitar, Mikey darling is bass, and Nickky-poo here is drums for ‘Lillith’s Sons’,” she grinned, pointing to each in turn.
    Scarrlette laughed, pulling away from Phyre long enough to shake hands with the seven boys she had just met.
    “So what about your boys Scarr? Who are these sessy beasts?”
    “Settle, Z,” Scarr teased, “I was getting to that.”
    “Alright, lead guitar for Leather Wings would be Joel here,” Scarrlette smiled, pulling the boy in question forward by his wrist and laying her head on his shoulder.
    “Don’t let his ego fool you, he’s a doll. And bass would be the domain of Gary, our old-man here,” she grinned, pulling the other man forward and laying her head on his chest.
    “I hate that they are both so damn tall,” she giggled before stepping away to throw her arms around the last boys shoulders.
    “Our baby here is Domme, drums. He’s a lot like you little miss Z, but we love him.” She settled her head on Domme’s shoulder and stared at the rest of the bands with a grin.
    “They’re my band and I love them big bunches,” she said in a sickly sweet voice.
    “Oh god Scarr don’t do that voice again! It’s so not you! But we have an after party to get to! Come on bitches!” Phyre danced over to grab Domme and Scarrlette before pulling them out the back towards a large limo.
    She pushed them inside and fell in after, impatiently tapping her foot as she waited for the rest of the bands to follow.
    “Phy? Where are we going?”
    “After party, duh!” Phyre giggled in response as the rest of ‘The Guild’, ‘Lillith’s Sons’, and ‘Leather Wings’ slid into the limo.
    The drive was short, at least it seemed that way with Phyre bouncing around the limo and setting Domme and Mike off as well. The three were a terror when they were all going and when they pulled up to the club, everyone else filed out pretty quickly.
    Without missing a beat, Phyre pulled Scarrlette past the line in front and up to the bouncer who let them in without so much as a second thought.
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    PostSubject: Re: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 2:50 am

    When the two bands that had played that night walked in, the room erupted into cheers. Phyre giggled and skipped around, thanking her fans and mingling with the groups of people there to see them. Aaron and Shade soon melded into the crowd and Phyre later found them playing war in a corner.

    Phyre smiled reassuringly at Harry. When he was sure she was safe, he grabbed the nearest attractive fan he could find and began to flirt shamelessly with her. Phyre rolled her eyes and laughed before turning back towards the remaining members of the bands around her.

    She had no idea where Joel, Gary, Nick, Jacob, and Travis went, but, if she had to guess, they were probably somewhere trying to suck some poor girl’s soul out through her lips. She laughed as she saw the obvious look of discomfort on Scarrlette’s face. Domme and Mike seemed to notice this as well and grinned.

    “Let’s dance!” they cheered. Phyre smiled brighter and nodded. The three ran out to the dance floor and began to dance together. When she realized Scarr was still waiting on the sidelines, Phyre left the two boys for a moment and walked to her old friend’s side.

    “What’s up, Scarr?” she asked. However, she didn’t wait for an answer, instead dragging the taller girl to the dance floor with her. The pounding bass governed her movements as she ground herself against the boys and Scarr.

    Upon getting onto the floor, the older girl loosened up visibly and began to dance as well. Phyre laughed and began the stereotypical techno jump as Evacuate the Dance Floor blared. Though the club they were in would normally have not played such a song, it was a tribute to the rock band who had sung these very lyrics earlier in the night.

    Scarr attempted to walk away, but Phyre grabbed her. “Where do you think you’re going?” she asked, grinning. Scarr rolled her eyes and sighed. “Fine, I’ll stay. Can I at least go get a drink please?” she asked through ground teeth. Still wearing a grin, Phyre nodded. The older girl waded through the crowd and to the bar.

    While she was gone, Phyre continued to dance with whoever was willing, usually the members from the other two bands who were still with her. Shortly after she had left, Scarr appeared and handed a drink to the minor. “Melon Dew,” she stated simply. Phyre’s eyes lit up as she quickly began to down the Melon Liquer and Mountain Dew mix.

    After the techno beat faded away, Phyre laughed and Scarr’s face lit up as Diary of Jane began to play. “Who told them we were coming anyway?” Mike laughed. Phyre shrugged and continued her dancing, not caring what song played really. The song faded away and she almost didn’t quit dancing.

    All members of “The Guild” looked up as an all-too familiar sound came through the speakers. Phyre groaned and began to walk off the dance floor, but Mike stopped her. “Where are you going?” he asked. “Don’t you think it’s weird to dance to your own song?” she questioned. When he grinned, she knew what the answer would be.

    She quickly gave up and began to sway to the beat of Vanishing. She noticed Scarr doing the same and smiled as she realized just how much alcohol she and the older girl had consumed already. Scarr was handling the liquor well, but she was slightly off the beat. Phyre wondered for a moment what she looked like while she was convicted of a “DWI” (Dancing While Intoxicated), but did not have time to ponder this for a long time.

    A tap on her shoulder caused her to spin around. Domme stood there smiling at her. He held out his hand and she looked at it, brows furrowing together in confusion for a moment before it dawned on her what he wanted. She smiled and put her hand in his, allowing him to sweep her into an elegant twirl before beginning a usual slow dance. They swayed and she fought back all the questions threatening to burst from her lips instead content to just dance with the mysterious new addition to her world.

    Scarr watched the two for a moment before grinning and shaking her head. Even when she was drunk and off-beat, Phyre looked like the most graceful thing most normal people never wished to be like in their wildest daydreams. When Domme asked her to dance, Scarr knew Phyre was going to be the center of the drummer’s attention until he found a new favorite, lord only knew how long that would be.

    Ignoring the duo for a moment, she swayed herself for a bit. When she grew tired of it, she turned to leave the dance floor and almost ran into the male standing behind her. He smiled at her and she smiled back reluctantly.

    “Care to dance?” he asked. She looked at him for a moment before sighing and nodding. She took the bassist’s hand and began to dance slowly with him. Mike remained silent for a time before asking her, “So, what’s the story with your band? How did you get together?”

    Scarr looked up at him for a moment, studying him. She wondered if she could tell this complete stranger all about herself and her band. However, looking at Domme and Phyre again, she knew it would only be a moment of time until the other bands learned all there was about her group anyway. Though she did not look it, Phyre was a very persuasive person and, as she already had Domme wrapped around her fingers, she could find out anything she wanted. With a sigh, she began to tell the story of the formation of “Leather Wings.”
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    PostSubject: Re: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 02, 2010 4:24 am

    “Ya see, it’s kind of a long twisted sort of story. Basically my parents died when I was young so I had to get my own apartment. It just happened to be in the same building as Joel. We became friends and he took me into his group at school, which really only consisted of Gary and our old drummer Mick. They had been looking for an extra vocalist, Joel being sick of multi-tasking, and when they found out I sung… well they adopted me in. We were ‘Dragon’s Rage’ back then and then Mick suddenly realized I had breasts and that caused all kinds of problems. We ended up kicking him out and then came the problem of finding another drummer. Domme was actually my discovery. I was walking through the halls on lunch one day and heard him playing around in the school’s band room. We gave him a formal audition and pretty much loved him. We became ‘Leather Wings’ after deciding we wanted to stick with a dragon theme.” At this, Scarr shrugged and offered him a rare, genuine smile.
    “They’re like my brothers now, but they pretty much stop all the guys from dating me. Most guys think I have something going on with all of them and when they figure out that’s not true, Joel and Gary threaten them,” she shook her head with an agitated sigh.
    At the news of her family, Mike frowned. He thought of apologizing, but didn't want to interrupt her story. He listened intently to the rest of her story, nodding occasionally. When she finished, he grinned.
    "Well, thank you for informing me of that last tidbit," he told her, squeezing her rump playfully. He looked up as the song ended and Travis approached. "Do you guys realize it is nearly five a.m. and we have to be to the sound check by ten?" he asked. Mike gasped. "Shit! Really?!"
    When the rest of the guys of "Lillith's Sons" showed up, he groaned. "Of fucking course I would forget about the early morning!" He turned back to the girl still in his arms. "I'm sorry, Scarr. We should get going." His gaze then turned to the still dancing Phyre and Domme. "I vote not it for dragging Z out!" he called. “Where is her band?" he asked. "They all shacked up in her hotel room," Travis said with a shrug.
    A sudden yell interrupted the small conversation. Mike turned to see Nick and Jacob attempting to pull Phyre off the dance floor. "I don't wanna go!" she said not loud enough to cause a scene, but loud enough for the bands to hear her. He grinned while watching her clutch to Domme in a vain attempt to stay in the club. She was suddenly in the arms of the two and being carried out of the club, kicking and yelling.
    Scarr laughed easily, shaking her head at Phy’s antics when suddenly her eyes caught Joel making his way to her and Mike and he looked pissed.
    ”He must have seen him grope my arse,” she thought with a sigh. Winding both of her arms around Mike’s bicep she grinned at him and began pulling him towards the door.
    “We’re going to want to go, unless you want to have words with Joel over grabbing my ass,” she smiled, laying her head briefly on his shoulder before looking back towards Phyre.
    “Z! Let’s go! You have to bunk with me tonight as your band’s stolen your room,” she yelled over the din of the club.
    Phyre instantly straightened, her face lighting up with joy as she drug Domme over and beat Scarrlette out the door.
    “Come on slow-poke,” she taunted over her shoulder as she clambered into the limo.
    With another look over her shoulder at Joel’s face Scarr grimaced.
    “I’ll meet you there,” she smiled, tugging Mike along in search of a cab.
    “Don’t wait up Z,” Mike smirked, placing his hand on Scarr’s rump yet again and leaning in to nibble playfully at her neck.
    With an exaggerated squeal, Scarrlett pushed him away from her neck and pulled his hand from her arse, wrapping his arm around her shoulders instead.
    “Behave you worm,” she teased, winking at Phyre and slipping into the cab after Mike.
    “Worm,” he queried, one eyebrow arched as he gazed at her.
    “Eh, best I could come up with,” Scarr sighed, laying her head back against the seat.
    “Sorry about dragging you along by the way. I didn’t think you would want to get into it with Joel so soon. Though you keep that shit up and it’s bound to happen. Though you’ll probably enjoy riling him up won’t you?” She tilted her head to scowl at him.
    “All in fun babe,” he laughed, pulling her head to his shoulder, “now relax.”
    Scarrlette fell asleep before the driver even pulled away from the curb.
    Meanwhile in the limo, Phyre and Domme were causing hell, only adding to Joel’s fury.
    “Who does that leech think he is, grabbing her ass? I ought to kill him,” he growled, his hands balled into fists on his lap.
    “It’s how he is,” Nick laughed, “I highly doubt he meant a damn thing by it.”
    “Oh because THAT makes it SOOO much better,” Gary snapped.
    Phyre sighed, looking at the boys.
    “Scarr can handle herself. Trust me.”
    Joel just laughed, shaking his head.
    “No, really she can’t.”
    The conversation went like that the whole ride to the hotel until Joel saw Mike carrying Scarrlette out of their cab.
    “What in the seven hells did you do to her!?”
    “Shhh, you’ll wake her,” Mike frowned, shifting her in his arms a bit.
    “Mike, follow me, we’ll go to her room,” Phyre smiled, dancing forward to pluck a room key from Scarrlette’s pocket.
    Mike nodding, following the dancing girl and leaving Scarrlette’s angry band behind him.
    Joel scowled at the retreating form of Mike before it popped into his head.
    “Where are we supposed to sleep tonight? They just took over our room and I don’t think Z is going to let us in,” he looked a bit worried as he turned to Gary and Domme.
    Travis smiled a bit, “I suppose you guys can stay in our room. I don’t know if Mike will be back in there tonight but even if he is, you’re welcome to stay with us.”
    “Thanks,” Domme grinned, his demeanor suddenly calm as exhaustion washed over him.
    “Come on kid, let’s get you up to bed then,” Joel smiled, slinging an arm around the kid and following Lillith’s Sons up to their room.
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    PostSubject: Re: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 03, 2010 2:01 am

    Phyre opened the door to Scarr’s room easily. She held it open so Mike could carry the girl in and smiled. He placed her gently on the bed and looked at Phyre.

    “Phy, let her sleep, please?” he asked. She rolled her eyes and nodded. “I wasn’t going to wake her,” she stated. “You woke us the other night,” he retorted. She laughed in response. “You haven’t seen Scarr when she’s woken up. Now, are you staying in here?”

    At her question he shook his head. “No, Joel is already going to kill me. I don’t want to push my luck by sleeping in here. I also don’t want to sleep in the same room as him. I have a feeling I wouldn’t live. Is your room free?”

    A grin graced the girl’s face. “Sure, my room is free. Here is the key.” She tossed the card to him and he fumbled to catch it before it landed in his hand. He looked skeptically up at her. “Why so easy?” She shrugged and smiled sweetly.
    “Well, Harry, Aaron, and Shade all have chicks with them. They stole my room. You can go sleep in there if you want, but they’ll probably be up screwing those girls all night long.” With a groan, Mike soon left to get his own room.

    Phyre walked over to the window and looked out over the town. The lights were beautiful in their own way, but Phyre missed the stars she could see when she was back home. She turned to look at the sleeping Scarr and smiled, shaking her head. She walked over to one of the other beds and flopped down. She fell asleep quickly after.

    The next morning the peace was disturbed by a very loud grumbling. However, Scarr slept straight through it.
    “Phyre, get up!” called Harry. He groaned as he knocked loudly on the door. Phyre’s voice yelled “GO AWAY!” from inside. “Phy, don’t you dare make me come in there!”

    When no answer came, Harry sighed. He turned around to face Joel. “Can I get access, please?” he asked. The other male simply glared at him. “No.”

    “We need her for a sound check! Come on, please?” he pleaded, staring at the other guitarist. “I’ll get her,” a cheery voice came. Domme came into view and pulled his key out of his pocket. Before Harry could comprehend what was happening, the boy had unlocked, opened, slipped inside, and closed the door.

    He skipped gleefully over to the bed before stopping. He pouted a moment and shook the sleeping girl. “Hey! Get out of my bed! You have to go sound check anyway!” When she hit his hands away, he seemed more determined. He grabbed her ankles and began to pull. As she felt herself being lifted, she grabbed onto the headboard.

    “Let go of me!” she groaned. The door opened and the rest of the three bands stood in the entrance. Gary, Shade, and Aaron looked just as tired as Phyre obviously felt. Harry, Joel, Mike, Travis, and Nick looked wide awake (though not as energetic as Domme).

    When his pulling did nothing, Domme sat the girl down and stared at her. Suddenly, his eyes brightened. He flopped onto the bed beside her and smiled. “I’ll give you candy if you get up. And cake! Any kind you want!”

    A muffled, “I don’t like cake,” deterred him for only a moment before he brightened again. “I’ll give you brownies! And I’ll let you take a nap later!” A sigh followed his exclamation and the girl rolled over. When she opened her eyes to see his staring at her, she screamed and jumped, falling off the bed.

    “Good, now that you’re up, you have to go to a sound check,” Domme told her, looking down at her. She growled lightly before standing and joining her band. “Well, what is everyone waiting for?” she asked. Travis rolled his eyes.

    “We’re not going,” he informed her. When her mouth fell open, he elaborated. “The sound check is only for the members of The Guild.” She grumbled something about it being stupid that she needed to be up early as she stomped towards the door.

    As Domme began to speak, Scarrlette suddenly sat up straight and turned a very angry glare towards the group gathered by the door.

    “Will you all shut the hell up?! People are trying to sleep here!” she yelled. Phyre opened her mouth, but Aaron quickly covered it and dragged her out of the room. The rest of the group quickly filed out after the pair and even Domme jumped off the bed to scamper into the hallway.

    “Well, that was fun,” muttered Mike, feeling a little like he had been shot down. At a glare from Joel, he swallowed. “Um…I’m going back to sleep…I’ll be in our room if you need me, guys,” he told the members of his band before retreating. Travis, Nick, and Jacob also retreated to their room, figuring more sleep sounded wonderful before the night’s show.

    Harry turned to the living members of Leather Wings and sighed. “Are you all coming with us? Or would you like to stay here? Since we’re going to be gone, our room is open. That way you don’t have to go back in there.”

    While the band was discussing, Phyre looked at Domme with pleading eyes from inside Aaron’s grasp. His hand was still over her mouth and her muffled protests had stopped. “What’s her deal anyway?” Aaron asked.

    Domme giggled a bit, stepping forward to grasp Phyre's hand and pull her away from Aaron.

    "She's never liked being woken up, hell I think she just hates waking up period. It doesn't matter the time of day. I think it goes back to working to keep her apartment after her parents passed and not sleeping much," Joel grumbled, staring at the shut door.

    "As for coming along, I'll come with you guys. I want to hear how you sound," Domme grinned, bouncing on his feet a bit.

    Joel and Gary both shook their heads with a slight laugh.

    "My happy ass is going back to bed," Gary mumbled, turning tail and heading back that way.

    Joel nodded, following suit with a wave over his shoulder to the rest of the group. Aaron turned to Domme and Harry glared at him a little. When the young boy seemed unfazed, they turned and walked to the elevator. Phyre skipped along after them, giggling and talking with Domme.

    “Well, we’re kinda boring when we’re checking. And I don’t honestly think we sound that great. Didn’t you hear our song at the club last night?” she asked, seemingly already bounced back from being woken. “It was the song you and I danced to. I wrote it a couple years ago. It’s the one that got us where we are today.”

    Though she couldn’t remember the trip, she climbed into the limo, still chatting animatedly. When Domme began to get excited, the other three groaned. “Great, now we have two of them,” grumbled Shade. However, the noise died down slightly as the car pulled up to the venue.
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    When the group arrived at the venue, Phyre groaned. “Who was the jackass who told somebody when our soundcheck was?! The concert doesn’t start for nine more hours!” When nobody owned up, she groaned once more and shoved her way out of the limo.

    Shade got out first followed by Harry. The two worked their way through the crowd, Domme, Phyre, and Aaron close behind. When they reached the building, they welcomed the dark that meant peace and quiet. At least for a few moments anyway.

    The members of The Guild were swept up quickly and placed on the stage. Domme watched in fascination as Aaron and Shade began the soundcheck. A few men worked in the front and toyed with some buttons and knobs.

    “Try that again,” one called. Aaron and Shade began once more and continued when the soundman gave them a thumbs up. Harry grabbed his guitar and, at the signal from another soundman, began his melody. Before anything else could be done, Phyre kicked in with her vocals.

    The soundman nodded and the group stopped. They tested a few more song sections before declaring the check a success. When the group was leaving the stage, Domme began to pout. Phyre cocked her head and he crossed his arms, flopping into a chair.

    “Oh, what’s wrong, Domme?” she asked. He looked up at her with puppy dog eyes and she suppressed a laugh. Shade rolled his eyes. “I wanted to hear you play,” the younger drummer stated. Phyre turned to face the band and they all nodded.

    Phyre smiled and took her place on the stage once more. Immediately, Domme’s face lit up. The Guild played a few of their more famous songs before trying out a couple they had been working on currently. After the fourth song, they stopped. Domme smiled brightly as the group stored their instruments before joining him.

    “I think you sounded great,” he told Phyre matter-of-factly. She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Whatever. You still owe me brownies,” she stated, grinning. He laughed lightly and nodded. “A pan. I promise.”

    The group walked back out and fought their way through the paparazzi again, ignoring the flashes. When they got into the car, everything was silent for once. The quiet was not noticed until half way through the ride. “Hey, has anyone else noticed that Phy and Domme are incredibly silent?” whispered Aaron. The other two looked up in shock as if just realizing that themselves.

    They looked up and towards the back of the car where the terrible twosome had taken seats. Phyre sat with her feet sprawled across Domme’s lap and her torso falling off the seat. Domme’s head had fallen back onto the seat and both were sound asleep. Shade grinned and grabbed the camera the band used to document their tours and snapped a picture. The three then sat back and enjoyed the silence for the remainder of the drive.

    As the limo pulled up at the hotel, the three living members woke the two half-dead ones. Phyre groaned as she woke and sat up. Domme seemed suddenly wide awake and smiled again. The door opened and the five climbed out of the limo.

    While they were walking into the hotel, there were countless more flashes and several people asking for autographs. The Guild happily sighed autographs and Domme joined in. The group finally made it into the hotel.

    “We’re going to the bar,” Aaron and Shade informed the others. As Harry nodded, he turned to Phyre and Domme. “I’m going up to our room. I don’t think Gary and Joel took up all four beds, so I’m taking a nap.” Without waiting for their answer, he turned and left. Shade and Aaron waved to the two before departing as well.

    Phyre turned to Domme. “Nap ?” she asked. He nodded and the two went up to the room only Scarrlette occupied. Domme let Phyre in and followed after her. When she crawled into bed, he clambered in after her. She turned to look at him.

    “Do you mind?” she asked quietly, careful not to wake the other girl. Grinning, he shook his head. “No,” he answered verbally. She sighed and covered herself, no longer caring if he was there or not. After a few moments, both were sound asleep once more.

    After a few hours, the door suddenly slammed open.

    “DOMME, GET YOUR ASS UP NOW!” a very angry Joel yelled. Domme and Phyre jumped and looked up. Joel waved papers around. Phyre stared in confusion as Domme asked, “What’s going on, Joel?”

    “What’s going on?! I think you should know!! You’re supposed to be careful around the paps, Domme!”

    “I have no idea what you’re talking about,” he stated. At this, Joel threw the papers onto the bed. Picking them up, Domme began to read aloud.

    “’The break-up of Leather Wings? Sources inform that drummer, Domme, of the popular band Leather Wings was seen entering the Fox with popular punk rock band The Guild. No other members of Leather Wings were present. The boy was seen fawning over lead singer, known only as Z, as the group made their way inside. Though it is unclear whether or not the seductress returns the poor drummer’s feelings, the band has reached turmoil about his affections for the competition. Singer, Scarrlette, guitarist, Joel, and bassist, Gary, have threatened to kick Domme out of the band if he does not ignore Z. If the girl is worth the break-up or not has yet to be seen.’ What is this rubbish?” he asked, handing the paper to Phyre as she reached for it. She gasped at the picture on the cover.

    “This is what the paps do, Domme. What are we going to do?”

    “Play,” Phyre responded simply, tearing her eyes away from the paper. “What?” questioned the guitarist. “Play. Show them Leather Wings is far from breaking up.”

    “I hope you’re right,” he grumbled, grabbing Domme and pulling him along to get ready for the concert.
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    Seconds after they disappeared, Mike’s head poked past the door.
    “She’s still sleeping?!”
    Phyre just shrugged, smiling at the sleeping form of Scarrlette.
    “She’s always been able to sleep like the dead,” she giggled.
    No sooner were the words out of her mouth before Mike had bounced in and jumped into Scarr’s bed. He wiggled under the covers and threw an arm over her waist, snuggling up to her back and whispering into her ear.
    “Scarrlette! Scarr, wake up dearie,” he cooed.
    Scarrlette didn’t move, not even when there was a knock on the door. The only indication she was even still alive was her steady breathing.
    “Come on in,” Phyre called towards the door.
    “Phy? We have to go get ready for the show,” Harry announced as he stepped into the room. As his eyes fell on Scarrlette and Mike a frown crossed his features.
    “Ok,” Phyre chirped, bouncing up out of the bed and jumping into Scarr’s bed as well.
    “Scarr! If you wake up I’ll get you lot’s of candy before the show,” she whispered, causing the girl to sit bolt upright.
    “Candy?” She looked at Phy, not even realizing Mike was in bed with her or Harry was in the room.
    Phyre nodded before jumping off the bed and dancing out of the room, Harry not far behind her. As the door shut, Scarr realized she wasn’t alone in the bed.
    With a scream she jumped away from Mike and punched him in the stomach in one fluid movement.
    “What the fuck,” she yelled, landing on her ass beside the bed.
    Mike laughed, holding his stomach a bit and shrugged.
    “I was trying to wake you up,” he managed to choke out before Joel came storming into the room. Seeing Scarr on the floor and Mike in the bed, he assumed the worst and grabs the back of Mike’s shirt, dragging him from the room.
    “What were you thinking,” Joel snarled.
    “Ask Phyre, nothing happened,” Mike laughed, jerking himself away from Joel and making his way towards where Lillith’s Sons was getting ready for the show.
    Joel shook his head and walked back into the room where him, Domme, and Gary were getting ready for the show.
    The ride to the venue was pretty silent, except for Domme and Phyre who were singing, loudly and off key, with the radio.
    Scarr was forced into the middle seat between Gary and Joel who glared at Mike the whole ride. Her head was down as she listened to her iPod, mentally preparing to get on stage, so she didn’t notice that Harry happened to be glaring at Mike as well.
    "Jesus Christ, Phyre! You're a damn vocalist! Can't you at least sing on key?!" yelled Aaron after a time. When Phyre only grinned and continued her off-key rampage, he groaned and slid down in his chair, attempting to plug his ears with anything within reach.

    When they arrived, Scarr was the first out of the car, locking herself into a back room to warm her voice up while the rest of the band sat around and talked to most of The Guild.
    Phyre watched Harry for a moment and then suddenly jumped up, gripping his wrist and dragging him away from the main group.
    “What’s wrong? You’ve seem pissed since we got ready,” she asked, cutting right to the point.
    “I… I like Scarr,” he mumbled in return.
    “So ask her out.”
    “It’s not that simple Phy, she clearly has something going on with Mike.”
    “You know, that disappoints me. I spent all that time teaching you those ways to get a girl and you won’t use them now? And besides, I taught you how to fight, he couldn’t beat you if it came down to that. And I’m not even going to get into the fact that Mike’s a total flirt so it probably doesn’t mean anything anyway.” Phyre sighed and shook her head, turning and walking away from him.
    Harry stood there for a moment, thinking about what she said, and realized she was right. He was going to fight for Scarr.
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    Scarrlette finally walked out, a large smile on her lips as she danced into the center of the room.
    “So who’s on first? Us?”
    Phyre nodded, smiling at her old friend.
    “Yeah, figured you’d like to make it up to us all for coming late by going first,” she smirked.
    Harry laughed, walking to Scarr’s side and looping an arm over her shoulders.
    “Be nice Phy, it’s not their fault,” he grinned, turning to Scarrlette, “besides, you should be wishing them luck! So, good luck Scarr.”
    Scarrlette laughed, nodding.
    “Thanks Harry,” she smiled, stepping out of his grasp as she heard the announcer pumping up the crowd.
    “Here goes nothing,” she mumbled before running out onto the stage in front of Joel, Gary, and Domme.
    “Hey bitches!” She screamed into the vintage style microphone in the center of the stage with a grin.
    “I believe you all know this one so why don’t you sing along huh?” She grinned, looking back at Joel with a giggle as they started playing the song Home.
    Their set went smoothly, the crowd enthusiastically singing along with each song Scarr belted out.
    “Thank you guys! Now let’s hear it for Lillith’s Sons!!!! You better treat them as good as you did us!” She winked at the crowd and walked off stage, high-fiving Mike as he walked by.
    Once out of view Scarrlette almost ran into Harry.
    “Oh! Sorry,” she grinned, bouncing on her toes a bit.
    “No problem, great job out there Scarr, I hadn’t realized your voice was so amazing!”
    Scarrlette blushed a bit, looking down and causing her sky blue bangs to cover her eyes.
    “Thanks,” she murmured just before Phyre tackled into her.
    “Dude! I forgot how amazing you are,” the smaller girl squealed, hugging Scarrlette tightly as Harry walked back towards the rest of the members of The Guild.
    “Get off me,” Scarr laughed, pushing her friend by the shoulders with a scowl. “You are on next you should probably warm up or something.”
    Phyre shrugged her small shoulders, smiling before dancing back over to the rest of her band.
    With a sigh, Scarr dropped heavily onto a couch and closed her eyes. She opened them a moment later as a cold drink was pressed into her hand. She looked down at the lime liquid and smiled.
    “Melon Dew,” Harry smiled, sitting beside her. “Phy said you might like one.”
    “Mmmm absolutely. She knows me so well,” Scarr smiled, lifting the glass to her lips and taking a few swallows. “Do you know if we’re going to a club again tonight after the show?”
    Harry nodded, his eyes on her lips. “Probably, Phyre loves to go dancing after a show but that doesn’t mean you have to go as well.”
    “Eh, I probably will. It’s not like I have anything better to do you know?” She let out a short laugh before quickly downing the last of her drink. She played with the empty glass for a moment before shaking her head.
    “I’m going to need to drink something a bit stronger before the nights over I think,” she smirked, shaking her head.
    “Phy’ll make me dance,” Scarrlette stated, as if it explained everything.
    Harry looked at her confused for a moment before the boys from Lillith’s Sons walked back into the room, their set having been the shortest of the three bands.
    “You’re up,” Mike grinned, dropping down between Harry and Scarrlette, draping an arm across Scarr’s shoulders and smirking at Harry.
    With a glare, Harry stood and walked away without another word, going straight out onto the stage.
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    Phyre stretched and grinned at Scarr as she walked by, winking at the older girl. She yelped slightly as she was hugged when she wasn’t paying attention.

    “Break a leg,” grinned Leather Wings’ drummer. Phy smiled and nodded.

    “I will try not to,” she answered, smiling back. She watched Harry, Aaron, and Shade walk onto the stage. The crowd erupted into tumults of applause and the singer had to cover her ears slightly. Aaron and Harry sported silver guitars tonight and Shade sat behind his usual silver drum set. Always one to be different, Phyre grabbed her blood red microphone.

    Harry wore his usual tight blue jeans. A black t-shirt hugged his body, accentuating his form perfectly. His hair had been tossed into a messy brown and black mass on top of his head so he looked more like Aaron usually did. He smiled as he waved at the crowd.

    Aaron wore a pair of blue straight leg pants and a form-fitting red shirt with the band’s logo on it. He had a gray and black checkered jacket on his shoulders, but left it unzipped so the form of a fire wolf with wings could be seen. He waved as well, moving to stand next to his brother.

    Shade stood behind his drums and held his hands high in the air, drumsticks in them. He wore a pair of tan, black, and white plaid shorts. A white polo completed his outfit and he waved his hands in the air while sitting down.

    As the crowd began to chant, “Z! Z! Z!” the girl ran out onto stage. She threw her hands in the air and danced around. The crowd immediately grew louder. She was wearing a pair of black, baggy cargo pants that sat low on her hips and had chains wrapped around both her legs. A black tank top that sat above her bellybutton had a red skull pattern on it. Her hair was now snow white and done up in a pixie cut. Black and red arm warmers completed the singer’s image and she threw her arms in the air once more.

    “LOUDER!” she shouted. The crowd’s din grew to obnoxious levels once more. “I SAID LOUDER!” she screamed into the mic. When the crowd got even louder, she let them continue for a moment before screaming, “Now, shut up!”

    Immediately all sound ceased. Phyre stared at the now silent crowd and grinned. “Now, who’s ready to rock?” The crowd began to cheer again. “I said, ‘Who the fuck wants to rock?!’” When the noise grew to vibrating the instruments on the stage once more, Phyre grinned. “THEN DANCE, BITCHES!” she screamed as the band launched into a song.

    Phyre danced around the front of the stage, leaning down to grab the hands of fans close enough to reach. As the complicated guitar rhythms began to get easier, she straightened and raised the mic to her mouth.

    “I gaze at you from far away, my love. I wonder if you know how much I truly care about you, you son of a bitch. The thought of you sucks the soul out of my body and I can’t take it anymore. I wish you would vanish, somewhere far away from here. I used to feel love until you tore my heart from my body. See it on the floor where it was squished flat? Go fuck yourself. I’m not coming back.”

    She continued to sing, dancing around the stage. When she finished, she grinned and winked at the other members of her band. They filed back out for an encore and she laughed.

    “Did you think I would just leave you without saying goodbye?” she yelled. When the crowd screamed once more, she threw her hands in the air. “Well, I’m back to bid you adieu and to give presents to you!” she called, grabbing a box from backstage. She threw shirts with the band logo and autographs from all of The Guild into the crowd. When she was out, she took up her mic again. “Thank you for the welcome, loves! It always makes me glad to come please my fans!”

    She began to sing again. Harry and Aaron soon joined in and Shade came in shortly after the trio. She finished and pumped her arm in the air as she danced off the stage. The guys followed her and she laughed before looking to her band.

    “Ready to go? We don’t have a meet and greet tonight, so I figured we could go to the bar or back to the hotel or something,” she said, yawning slightly. Harry walked over, wrapping an arm around Scarr and shoving Mike out of the way.

    Before Mike could say something, Phyre had walked over and wrapped her arms around him and Domme.

    "Well, I've changed my mind. To the club we go!" she called, leading the two away before Mike could start a fight. Domme grinned and willingly followed the girl as the rest of the bands shrugged and followed.
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    Chapter Ten
    The second Phyre mentioned going to a bad, Scarr shot to her feet with a grin.
    “Come on Phy! Let’s go change,” she snatched up the smaller girls hand and ran into the dressing room she had gotten ready in.
    “Girls,” Joel sighed, flopping onto the couch Scarr had vacated. “Why do we even have them in the band?”
    Mike frowned a bit, “Scarr’s beautiful, that’s why.”
    Joel glared at him for a moment, “watch it,” he growled.
    Mike just sighed and shook his head before staring at the door the girls had gone into.
    Harry frowned a bit, realizing that getting closer to Scarrlette wasn’t going to be as easy as he had hoped.
    “You know, I really wish you had told me you were going to pixie cut this mess,” Scarr grinned, running her fingers through Phyre’s hair for a moment, “but either way, let’s get ready to go dancing!”
    Phyre laughed, nodding and reaching up to mess her hair up a bit.
    “You going to do my makeup and hair as always?”
    “As always!” Scarrlette smiled and gently pushed Phy into a chair.
    Reaching into a bag, Scarr produced and elastic hairband and slid all of Phy’s hair from her face to begin her make-up.
    “I figured bold for tonight? Along with this,” she giggled and held up an outfit, if you could really call the scraps of fabric an outfit.
    Phyre nodded, smiling widely.
    Half an hour later both women emerged from the room and everyone’s jaws dropped.
    Phyre’s hair was feathered out around her face with a few random stripes of neon pink and her makeup was simple. Her eyes were the focus with heavy black liner in a smokey cat eye style, her lips were a soft pink, not taking away from her eyes but it was her shirt that drew all the attention.
    It was simple in concept, a plain tube top that had a ring drawing it together in the center cinching the fabric around her breasts even more than it already was and was held up by a simple black cord around the neck, but the fabric was why everyone’s eyes clung to her chest. It was neon red, and not neon as in shade but literally glowing neon. The look was completed with a pair of very simple and very tight, black leather pants that sat at her hips.
    Scarrlette’s look was a bit more conservative, her makeup being the main focus. Her hair was down and in its usual fashion except she had temporarily changed the whole upper layer, which was normally white, to the same blue as her bangs. Her gold eyes were surrounded by purple eyeshadow and black eyeliner, creating a very simple but bold look and all that covered her lips was a clear gloss.
    As for her outfit, it was a more conservative version of Phyre’s. She had the same black leather pants clinging to her hips and flowing into stiletto heels, but her shirt went all the way to the top of her hips, leaving an inch of skin showing before her pants. The shirt was black with an intricate pattern in black glitter across the ribs and back. The front was open in a deep V that stopped just above her belly button and was held closed at her breasts by a simple black ribbon. More ribbons criss-crossed around her neck to hold the top up and blue neon flanked the open V.
    Joel’s jaw hit the floor for a second before he started to laugh.
    “Neon shirts? That’s amazing,” he laughed, shaking his head a bit.
    “Yeah, at least you’re covered Scarr,” Gary smirked, standing and walking out towards the limo now that the girls were ready.
    Domme’s eyes kept flicking between Phy and the floor before he jumped up to follow Gary out with a heavy blush.
    Travis smiled, shaking his head and heading out behind Gary and Domme with a mutter of, “finally,” Nick right behind him.
    Mike and Jacob took a bit longer as Jacob’s eyes were glued to Phyre’s almost exposed breasts and Mike’s were drawn to Scarr.
    “Very nice Scarr, you look beautiful as always,” Mike grinned, stepping up to kiss her cheek and grab her arse again before walking out.
    Jacob shook himself a bit and followed Mike out with a grin.
    Aaron and Shade walked out without much more than a glance at the girls but Harry smiled at Scarrlette.
    “Very nice,” he grinned, leaning in to softly kiss her cheek before pulling her and Phyre along towards the car as well.
    “Well that was less of a reaction than I was expecting,” Phyre grumbled, pouting a bit at the lack of enthusiasm from the boys.
    “We’re either their bandmate or they’re with someone,” Scarr laughed, “besides, we’re going to a club. You’ll get plenty of attention soon enough.”
    Phyre perked up at the thought, bouncing away from Harry and into the car with a giggle.
    “She’s so easy to keep happy,” Scarr commented, looking up to Harry whose hand was at the small of her back.
    “Yeah, but it makes things easier,” he laughed, moving away from her to step into the car and wave Scarrlette in.
    As they arrived at the club, there was a huge line waiting outside and all eyes were drawn to their limo but everything was quiet until Phyre stepped out. The second everyone saw her, screams of “Z! I love you!” started. She danced around, signing autographs for a moment. The noise was deafening as the bands quickly filed into the club and were engulfed by a different kind of noise.
    Phyre immediately melted into the chaos on the dance floor as the boys all began to hunt for their newest conquest. Scarrlette quickly made her way to the bar and ordered a drink, leaning against it to sip at it for a few moments before Harry appeared at her side.
    “Do you want to dance,” he yelled against her ear, his hand on her hip.
    Deciding it would be easier to nod, Scarrlette smiled and took his hand, setting her drink down, and leading him onto the floor.
    Flowing easily into the upbeat rhythm of the song, Scarrlette shook her hips to the beat as Harry stepped up behind her, placing his hands on her hips and swaying with her. Scarrlette happily danced with him and smiled as he spun her into a slow dance as the tempo decreased rapidly.
    Harry looked around nervously until his eyes fell upon Phyre. He almost jumped for joy when he saw her dancing with Mike. He knew she had decided to do it to save him the pain of separating himself and Scarr from the other boy. He made a mental note to thank Phy later. She looked at him and grinned, nodding slightly. He turned his attention back to Scarrlette.
    “So I was wondering if you would like to go out with me tomorrow,” he stated, never pausing in his dance. She looked up at him before frowning.
    “I’m sorry, but the rest of my band made plans to go to Sacred Acres…It sounds strange, but it’s an amusement park near here. I’m sorry,” she answered. Harry looked a little upset for a moment, but then smiled at her.
    “I see. Well, no matter. I’ll take a rain check then.”
    He looked up as the music for a Fall Out Boy song started. “Who the hell?” he asked quietly. When he looked up and saw Phyre standing there holding an electric guitar and shook his head. So much for her helping him win Scarrlette’s heart. However, his grin returned when he saw that Mike had been conned into playing the bass for the song. Shade sat behind the drums and Harry’s grin grew as he watched the shy drummer from Leather Wings grab the mic. Phyre began the rhythm to “Dead On Arrival” and the other two joined in.
    Scarr looked up in shock as Domme’s voice rang over the sound system. However, she soon laughed and shook her head. She began to dance as Harry led and looked at him. The rest of the clubbers cheered loudly as Mike, Phyre, and Domme danced energetically around the stage. Phyre laughed as the song ended and jumped off the stage. She landed gracefully on the floor and was soon joined by the three boys.
    “Thank you for that, Domme, Mike, Shade,” she said, still smiling. They laughed and nodded before Domme looked at his watch.
    “We should get going…We have to be up early tomorrow. We’re going,” before he could finish his sentence, he suddenly perked up excitedly. “We’re going to an amusement park. Want to come, Z? Scarr is so boring! She won’t go on any of the coasters with me! Your band can come, too,” he amended, watching Shade’s glare grow deadlier.
    Phyre, however, did not seem to notice. At the words “amusement park,” she had begun grinning wickedly before nodding. “I would LOVE to go, Domme!” she exclaimed excitedly. Domme grinned, sweeping her into a tight hug before pulling her towards the exit of the club, Shade right behind her.
    As the trio left, the rest of Leather Wings and The Guild fell in behind them, piling into the limo and heading off towards the hotel.
    “Ugh, we’ve got that amusement park thing tomorrow right? What time are we leaving,” Scarrlette asked, leaning her head back against the seat with a grimace.
    “Phyre’s coming too! And so are Harry and Shade and Arron,” Domme rattled off, not actually answering her question.
    As he said Phy’s name, Scarr’s head shot up, eyes widening in fear.
    “I think I’m going to be sick tomorrow,” she said quickly. Domme looked at her and frowned for a moment. However, he soon realized she wouldn’t go on any of the rides with him anyway, so he perked back up. Harry looked at Scarrlette.
    “Yeah, I’m sick, too. Maybe Scarr and I will just take it easy. Catch a show, have a chicken soup dinner maybe?” he asked, looking at Scarr still. She looked happy for the distraction and nodded. “Sounds great,” she told him.
    Phyre pouted for a moment as well before grinning and winking at Harry. She then put in her earbuds and flopped back against the seat. Domme looked at her before pulling one of the buds from her ear and putting it in his own while asking, “What are you listening to?”
    Phyre grinned and looked at him out of the corner of her eye. His brow furrowed in confusion. “What is this?” he asked. As the song changed, he recognized the voices of Fall Out Boy, but nothing else. “Well, that last song was ‘A Jagged Gorgeous Winter’ by The Main Drag. This is ‘Grand Theft Autumn.’”
    “Do you realize the unbelievably random jump there?” he questioned.
    “Do you realize that you’re stealing my music and I can listen to whatever I would like?” she retorted, grinning.
    "Yeah, but I'm too cute to deny," he smirked, using the tactic he did to get Scarr off his case. Phyre turned her face towards him and her grin grew wider.
    “Well, you are cute, but that was not what I was previously talking about. Are you going to complain about my music again, my friend?” she asked, kissing his cheek and moving to sit in his lap, attempting her own method of topic change.
    When the boy sat there, frozen and red enough to make a tomato jealous, Phyre still did not let up. “You’re not going to answer? Well, that’s not very nice! Come on! Are you going to complain about my music?” she tormented.
    “Phy, knock it off. Leave him alone,” Scarr growled at her friend. She grabbed the girl and shoved her back in her own seat. Phyre shrugged and leaned back in her seat again. She began to sing in perfect pitch with her music. The lyrics to “Umbrella” soon filled the back of the car as she closed her eyes and continued the song.
    After what seemed like an eternity, the car pulled up to the hotel. The two bands filed out and realization dawned on Shade’s face. “We forgot to get the members of Lillith’s Sons,” he stated. Phyre turned her grin on him. “That wasn’t an accident,” she whispered to him, staring pointedly at Harry leading Scarr away.
    The small group made their way to the elevator and walked to their rooms. The Guild minus Phyre bid everyone a good night and retired to their room. Phyre walked into Leather Wings’ room with them. Domme all but skipped in and laid in his bed, exhaustion beginning to take it’s toll. Phyre grinned and flopped down next to him. He turned his head to look at her before his eyes grew wide and he climbed out of his own bed.
    “Phy, for the last time, stop tormenting him!” scolded Scarr while Gary and Joel rolled their eyes. Joel walked into the bathroom to change as Gary flopped into his bed between the one Phyre was laying on and the empty one next to the bathroom usually occupied by Joel.
    Shrugging, Phyre stood up and danced around the room, iPod still blaring in her ears. Relieved, Domme flopped back into his bed once more. However, once Phyre jumped into Scarr’s bed with her, his face grew red once more and he left his bed to take Joel’s as it was the farthest from the girls.
    Joel walked out in a pair of pajama pants and stared at the boy in his bed. “Domme, get out of my bed,” he said. When the drummer shook his head, he groaned. “What the hell is wrong with your bed?”
    “It’s next to the girls in Scarr’s bed,” Domme answered simply.
    “Come on! Really?! They’re not even doing anything that would be remotely considered fun by any member of the male species! They’re sleeping for god’s sake, Domme!”
    “I’m not moving,” he stated stubbornly. Joel thought about arguing again before deciding it wasn’t worth it. He walked back over to Domme’s bed, glaring at the girls a little before falling between the sheets and letting sleep take him.
    Phyre’s grin fell off her face as she drifted off to sleep, too. Soon, the rest of the occupants followed the two into sleep’s oblivion.
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    Phyre awoke the next day quite excited. Though she had slept little, the thought of a free day off made her happy and light as a feather. As the memory of Domme inviting The Guild to join Leather Wings at Sacred Acres amusement park returned, the giddy feeling increased.

    She jumped out of the bed she had stolen partially in Leather Wings’ room and danced back to The Guild’s room. She was unsurprised to find all the boys had awakened before her as they were usually up at what Phyre liked to call “the crack of dawn” though it was only around nine or ten. She covered her eyes angrily and threw a pair of boxers at Shade, not caring if they were his or not.

    “Could you guys try NOT being naked in front of me?! It’s bad enough on the bus! It’s disgusting!” she shouted. Shade threw on the boxers she had managed to hook around his head, grumbling too much about not wanting her to see him naked to respond to her properly.

    Aaron walked out of the bathroom, steam following him, with a towel wrapped around his waist. He walked to the closet and began to rummage through it.

    “If you knocked, then we wouldn’t have this problem, Phy,” he stated matter-of-factly.

    “Why the hell should I knock to enter my own room?” she retorted. Aaron shrugged.

    “Then deal with the consequences, Phy.”

    She sighed and shook her head as Harry came out of the living room area in the huge hotel room. Phyre took in his appearance with a critical eye.

    He wore a pair of black dress pants and a blue polo shirt. His usually messy hair was combed already and done up in his concert faux-hawk. At her look, he cringed a little.

    “Is she not going to like it?” he asked. Phyre’s eyes grew wide for a moment.

    “No, I was just curious how to dress her up. What are you doing today?” she asked. He smiled at the youngest member of the band and hugged her.

    “Oh, Phy, you’re amazing. Thank you so much. As for our plans, I’m taking her to a live show and then dinner.
    Afterwards is up to her. Maybe we’ll just relax. Or maybe I’ll take her to the beach. I don’t really know right now.”

    Phyre laughed lightly. “I know I’m amazing. Anyway, you should let me go. That way I can get dressed and then get Scarr ready.” He nodded and released her. She glided over to the closet and grabbed her clothes out before jumping into the shower.

    She got out of the shower and mussed up her now entirely white once more hair, the pink streaks having washed out in the shower. She dressed quickly in a pair of khaki cargo pants. A silver seamless shirt with holes up the sides of her body covered all but about two inches of her stomach above the pants. It was by far the most conservative outfit she had worn this entire tour and her skin still shone through in the holes. It was also a deep v-neck, showing off her cleavage, but not showing as much of her chest as was usual as well. A pair of deep blue converse without laces and adorned with silver butterflies covered her feet.

    She skipped out and waved good bye to the boys before leaving. She walked back into Leather Wings’ hotel room. To her disappointment, Gary and Joel were already up and styling their hair.

    “Get up!” she yelled suddenly. Domme jumped up and fell out of his bed. He screamed nonsensical words directed at Phyre as she laughed. Scarr snarled and grabbed various books and items within her reach on the bedside table at the laughing girl. She dodged them easily before dragging Scarr out of bed.

    “Come on! We have to get you ready for your date!” she cheered. Scarr growled and threw a punch at the younger, more energetic girl, but that, too, was dodged. When Scarr realized she wasn’t going to win, she threw the smaller girl to the floor and stalked off to the bathroom. Phyre smiled as the water started and flopped back onto Scarr’s bed again.

    Domme, no longer freaking out at being woken up, seemed to have realized that he got to go to a roller coaster park. He jumped up and smiled goofily at Phyre. He then rushed off and got dressed. He came back attempting to brush his hair and teeth at the same time and Phyre couldn’t help but giggle slightly at his actions.

    “Domme, dear, I have to help Scarr before I can leave,” she told him. He grinned sheepishly before finishing brushing his teeth and then completing his hair. However, he looked confused when she mentioned helping Scarr. He pushed it from his mind as he thought of all the coasters he would soon be riding. Scarr walked out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped tightly around her. She began to grab black Tripp pants, but Phyre stopped her.

    “Oh, no,” she told the older girl. Scarr turned a glare to Phyre as she held up a wad of white.

    “I don’t think so,” she stated.

    “Come on, Scarr! I’m going to the amusement park in your place! At least wear this!” she pouted. Scarr growled before snatching the outfit from Phyre. She came back out with her hair brushed and down. Phyre smiled as she appraised the white gown. It sat mid-thigh on her right leg and mid-calf on her left. Weaving blue Celtic knots traced the deep v-neck and hem of the dress.

    “Good,” she stated. She pulled the three boys out of the room before Scarr could complain and was soon joined by Shade, Aaron, and the members of Lillith’s Sons. The group smiled and walked out, climbing into the car.

    Domme and Phyre sat back-to-back and the girl soon fell asleep on the way to the park.

    Aaron stared up at the structure, squinting as sun shone in his eyes.

    “How high did you say this was, Z?” questioned Shade. Phyre giggled.

    “It’s 420 feet high. At the top, you spiral 270 degrees after cresting the hill and it drops to a ninety degree angle of descent. The ride goes from zero to 120 miles per hour in less than four seconds!” she declared excitedly.

    “No,” Aaron stated, shaking his head. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no.” Shade grinned at the bassist. “Oh, suck it up, Aaron. It shouldn’t be too bad,” he answered. “Z, how long is this ride?” he asked the girl.

    “It’s over in about seventeen seconds,” she stated happily. Domme danced next to her, seemingly as excited as she. Joel shrugged, not really caring about the ride. Gary looked up at it and swallowed loudly. The group stood in line and soon made it to the beginning.

    Domme and Phyre jumped into the front of the car as Joel and Shade practically dragged Aaron and Gary onto the remaining seats.

    “Keep your heads back and your arms down at all times during the ride. Secure any loose articles or leave them in the bins on the platform. We thank you and enjoy your ride. Clear,” the announcer’s voice stated.

    After the ride, the group of laughing band members got off. Phyre and Domme didn’t let them catch their breath before pulling them to the next ride.

    “Z, can we ask you about this one, too?” asked Aaron.

    “The first hill is 310 feet tall. You head towards the ground at an 80 degree angle and 93 miles per hour. The second hill is not quite as tall, but you’re still out of breath from the first hill. The g-force is killer. After plummeting down the second hill, there are a lot of flips, twists, and turns until it ends at the station.”

    Gary shook his head, taking a step back from the group and sighing.

    "I still have to catch my breath," he mumbled, flopping onto a nearby bench with a groan.

    Aaron quickly dropped down beside him, happy to not be the only one a bit out of it from the last coaster.

    Phyre pouted for a moment before shrugging.

    "Your loss," she giggled before dancing into the line with Domme at her side, the pair oblivious to the fact that they were the only two going forward.

    When the finally made it off the ride, her expression was one of shock to realize the rest of the bands had ditched her and Domme.

    "They left us," she whined, laying her head on Domme's shoulder.

    "Eh, who needs em? They were boring too," Domme pouted, pulling Phy along towards another ride.

    Truth was, the boys had gotten harassed by fans and had taken off to relax for a bit. After wandering around for a bit, Gary and Joel had decided to find Scarrlette a present.

    Meanwhile, Scarr smiled as Harry knocked on the door. She answered it and gently took the lavender colored lilies from him. “My favorite! How did you know?” she asked.

    “Phyre told me,” he admitted. He smiled as he took her in from head to toe. “You look beautiful,” he stated, tearing her eyes from her body to look at her face. He smiled brighter and held his arm out. She took it and followed him out the door.

    “I got us tickets to a broadway show. We’re going to see ‘The Producers.’ Then, I’ll take you to dinner,” he stated happily. She smiled at him and nodded, happy she didn’t have to spend the day at the amusement park.

    Harry led her into the theater and the two sat down. They watched as the lights dimmed and the musical began.

    After about the third ride on their own, Gary and Joel bumped back into Phyre and Domme, arms weighed down with shopping bags full of random things.

    "What do you guys have," Phyre laughed, her head on Dommes' shoulder.

    "Presents for Scarr mostly," Gary laughed, shrugging his shoulders and looking at Joel.

    "She's like our little sister, we have to spoil her," Joel agreed.

    Phyre just shook her head and smiled.

    "You might have to stop that soon, I don't think Harry would like it."

    Joel's expression darkened a bit, "what's that supposed to mean?"

    "Nothing," Phyre yelped, eyes suddenly wide as she gripped Domme’s arm and ran him off towards another coaster, Joel chasing them as fast as he could.

    Harry escorted Scarr out of the car and into the restaurant. Grape vines twisted up the authentic appearing stone wall and around the sign that read “Olive Garden.” Scarr’s eyes lit up as she gazed at the Italian restaurant.

    “How…how did you know?” she questioned. Harry turned a grin towards her.

    “I never reveal my secrets.”

    “Phy?” she asked. He sighed and nodded. “Phy,” he responded. Scarr smiled and walked to the table. She sat when he pulled a chair out for her. The two ordered chicken alfredo and red wine. As the waiter left to get their order, Harry smiled to Scarr.

    “So, I hope everything is to your liking so far,” he said. When she nodded, he grinned goofily. However, her frown caused his happiness to fade away. “What’s wrong?” he asked.

    “How did you meet Phy?” she blurted. He stared at her a second, not really knowing where she was going with this.

    “Well, we had classes together in school. She transferred in late. She was in some kind of advanced placement class. Aaron and I were seventeen and Shade was sixteen. Phy was ten at that time. However, she showed her mastery and we’ve all been together since. It’s kinda hard to believe it’s been six years.”

    The girl stared at him before smiling. “I was just wondering how a few twenty year olds ended up with a sixteen year old singer. I’m kind of protective of her.”

    “Where did you meet her?” he asked, realizing he had no idea.

    “Before she transferred to Mushowzer, I had classes with her at Allabrook Academy. She was quiet then, terrified, and she had no friends. She clutched her violin to her though she hated playing it and walked from class to class with her head down. She was only two years younger than everyone at the academy, but two years can be intimidating. I talked to her and she easily warmed up to me, gods know why.

    “One day, I was playing with Joel, Mick, and Gary. She stumbled upon us, and, as I was her only friend, quickly sat to listen. She immediately warmed to rock music and learned to play the guitar. When she transferred, I had no idea she was going to become a rock star.”

    Harry listened before his eyes grew wide. “So you’re the muse she’s always talking about!” he exclaimed. She looked a little shocked as the food was placed in front of her. “You know, she never stopped talking about you and I can see why now.” He smiled kindly at her and motioned to the food. “Eat. I have somewhere else to take you after this.”

    Phyre finally outran Joel, leaving Domme in the dust but it tired her out. Collapsing onto a bench she lay her head back and panted a bit.

    Once the boys finally caught up, she was almost asleep.

    "That's not safe," Domme commented, plopping down beside her.

    "Then carry me," Phyre whined, laying her head on his shoulder.

    It didn't take long for him to give in, moving in front of her and allowing her to drape herself over his back, her head on his shoulder.

    "Do you just want to go home," Joel asked her, frowning a bit and forgetting why he was chasing the poor girl.

    Phyre nodded, tightening her grip on Domme before closing her eyes.

    The bands made their way towards the front gate, trying to ignore the paparazzi who were frantically taking pictures of Domme and Phyre, who was already asleep.

    Aaron and Shade helped Domme get the sleeping singer into the limo before they all piled in as well and headed towards the hotel.

    Scarr allowed herself to be led by Harry, but complained loudly about not being able to know the destination. Harry sported a blue fedora that matched his polo. Dark sunglasses covered his eyes and he smiled as he gently pushed a white straw sun hat onto Scarr’s head accompanied by a pair of white sunglasses.

    Certain the paparazzi was not going to know who they were, he strolled onto the beach with her arm around his. She smiled as she stared at the sparkling water and forgot all about the white dress and sunglasses she wore at this point in time.

    The two didn’t talk. Instead, they just walked along the length of the beach. As the day grew to an end, they pulled off their sunglasses and tucked them away. Harry carried Scarr’s heels, the singer having discarded them hours before.
    Booms in the sky caused the pair to look up. Harry smiled as he and Scarr sat on the cool, white sand to watch the fireworks.

    “What’s the occasion?” she asked. Harry laughed.

    “Does there need to be one?” he retorted. When she didn’t answer, he wrapped his arm around her and they watched the rest of the show. When the finale had finally ceased, Harry looked to her. He felt himself pulled towards her lips, but shook his head lightly to clear it.

    “We should get back to the hotel. Lord only knows what Phy is doing to the rest of them,” he laughed. However, he really didn’t want the date to end. Scarr nodded and he stood. He held his hand down to her and she allowed him to help her up.

    Without another word, the two walked back to the car and climbed into the back. They arrived at the hotel they found that everyone had passed out in their own rooms. Well, all but Phyre who had stolen Scarrlette's bed.

    Scarr groaned softly as Harry laughed. “What’s wrong, Scarr?” he asked quietly.

    “I don’t want to fight with Phy over a spot to sleep tonight. I’m kinda tired.”

    “Come on,” he said, leading her to the room he shared with the rest of The Guild. They walked in and he led her over to his bed. Flopping onto it, he pulled her down with him. Too tired to complain, Scarr curled up against the guitarist. Soon both were fast asleep.
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    The next morning, Phyre was awakened by something small and hard connecting with her skull.

    “Ow!” she yelled, glaring sleepily at Joel. He glared back before flopping back onto his bed once more.

    “Just answer your damn phone! It’s been ringing non-stop for twenty minutes!” he griped. Gary rolled over, pulling the covers up around his head. Domme smiled at the singer apologetically. Phyre growled lightly before flipping her phone open.

    “This is Phy,” she answered groggily. All was silent for a moment until her eyes grew wide. She sat up quickly and jerked the clock around to face her. “Damn! Shit! Damn! Shit! Damn, damn, damn, fuck!” she yelled, throwing her phone to the bed. The three males in the room turned to stare at her as she jumped out of bed.

    “Do you mind shutting the fuck up?” growled Joel. She threw a towel at his face as she searched for her belongings.

    “Domme, where did my shoes go?” she asked. The drummer provided the requested item before staring at her in confusion.

    “What’s wrong, Phy?” he asked curiously. She suddenly turned on them, a look of horror on her face.

    “You guys need to get up. Now!” she called. She ran into the bathroom and soon came back out in different clothes. She wore a new pair of khaki cargo pants, but this pair sat so low that it was almost indecent. A bright orange bra was worn under an open khaki jacket.

    “What the hell are you dressed like that for?” questioned Gary.

    “I told you to get up! That was Paul, my manager. We overslept. We’re all supposed to be at the venue for a photo shoot and sound check in twenty minutes!”

    Immediately, looks of panic crossed the faces of the three boys and the quickly obliged, jumping up and rushing around the room. Phyre ran out and into the room she shared with her band.

    “Guys, get the fuck up!” she yelled. They grumbled and rolled around for a moment before the realization that Phyre was up before them sank in. Aaron rolled towards the bedside table and groaned.

    “Phy, can we not do this so early in the morning?” he asked.

    “Look at your damn clock, Aaron!” she grumbled. He did so and his eyes grew wide.

    “Shit! We slept in!” he called. He, Harry, and Shade quickly got up and began to strip as they walked, grabbing their show clothes. Phyre grabbed Scarr and pulled her to her own room. She left to let the girl get ready and walked down to work things out with the manager.

    “Z, thank God,” came the panicked voice of the small man pacing in the lobby. She smiled apologetically at him and joined him in walking out the door.

    “What did you need, Paul?” she asked. He stopped walking and turned to face her.

    “Your parents are coming to the next show. However, it has been postponed. Instead of being a week from now, it is in two weeks. You and the rest of the bands are welcome to go home if you want.”

    “The next show is in Orlando, right?” she asked. When he nodded, she smiled and clapped her hands.

    “We can all stay at my house. I haven’t been there since the last break in the tour! How exciting!” she cheered. He looked at her in amusement for a moment.

    “You’re sixteen, Z. You own a house?”

    “Well, I need to think about after my singing career. Besides, I wanted my parents to move down into the warm weather, but they won’t leave that little hick town in Michigan. They don’t want anything to do with the ‘devil’s music’ that I sing. I’m surprised they’re willing to come to the show actually. But I do own a house. It was the first thing I bought when we made it big.”

    Paul shook his head before walking off again. “Be at the venue soon, Z,” he told her, waving. She nodded and skipped off. The members of The Guild, Lillith’s Sons, and Leather Wings exited the elevator in a rush. All appeared to have quickly prepared for the shoot and show.

    Seeing Phyre’s excited face, Harry’s eyebrow rose as the group made their way to the car. She was so excited that she even paused to pose for the paparazzi for a couple of seconds. When she entered the car, Harry turned his gaze upon her again.

    “Spill, Phy,” he commanded. She giggled excitedly as she looked at the collected members.

    “Well, the next show for the Pandora’s Punishment tour has been postponed. Something was wrong with the venue, so it is two weeks from now.”

    “Is it still in Orlando?” asked Shade. Phyre nodded.

    “Great, so we spend more time in a hotel than necessary,” complained Jacob. At this, Phyre’s grin grew.

    “Who said anything about a hotel?” she asked. The eyes of the gathered turned to study the smiling young girl.

    “We’re NOT staying on the bus! Are we?” questioned a worried Nick. Phyre giggled and shook her head.

    “No, silly. We’re staying at my house.”

    The rest of the bands stared at her, open mouthed and speechless. “What?”

    “I own a house in Daytona Beach. It’s an hour drive away from the venue, but it’s better than a hotel!”

    Before much more could be discussed, the limo pulled up at the venue and the group went in.

    The shoot went uneventfully, but Lillith’s Sons had to rush to get ready to open for the show.

    “Where the hell is my guitar?” questioned Joel.

    “Fuck if any of us know! We’re still looking for our singer!” snapped Aaron. Scarr walked up and handed Joel his guitar. He took it thankfully and she turned her gaze to Aaron.

    “We still haven’t found her?! Do you know the havoc she could be wreaking?!” she shrieked. Suddenly, a voice came from behind them and caused them all to jump.

    “Who is wreaking havoc? It sounds fun,” Phyre’s voice stated. The group spun to face her and Scarr opened her mouth to question about the singer’s whereabouts for the last hour. However, everyone was stunned into silence.

    The singer’s hair was still done in a pixie cut, but it was now almost neon orange to match the bra she still sported. Everyone just stared before a laughing broke out. Domme skipped up to hug the girl tightly.

    “My favorite color is orange!” he stated gleefully. Phyre giggled and squeezed the percussionist back. He pulled away and went to join his band on stage. The show went smoothly as well and, before they knew it, the groups were in their buses heading towards Daytona Beach.

    Even Phyre and Domme made no noise though Phyre had chosen to ride in Leather Wings’ bus. The singers and drummer sat slumped against each other in the seat. Gary and Joel sat across from them, heads bobbing up and down as they fell asleep and woke back up in quick succession.

    It was almost four in the morning when the three buses came to a stop in a long driveway. The house was huge. It was probably better to call it a mansion. The exterior was made of stone and had three window archways next to each other at the front. A chandelier was visible through the top of the middle arch and massive glass double doors sat below this window. There was a gazebo built off of the side of the house and matching doors leading out to it. Gardens framed the house with roses of all colors and ivy crawled decoratively up the walls. Curved topiary trees adorned either side of the stairs leading up to the house.

    Scarr was the first one off the bus. Gary, Joel, and Domme (carrying the still-sleeping Phyre on his back once more) followed her. They joined the other seven guys just staring in awe at the house. Finally, Joel turned his face to the awake members of The Guild.

    “This is Phyre’s house?!” he asked. The boys shrugged.

    “I’m assuming,” Harry answered. “There’s one way to find out.”

    He reached into his pocket and pulled out the key Phyre had handed him earlier that night. The group made their way cautiously up the stairs and Harry walked to the door. He tentatively stuck the key in the hole and twisted. The door swung open.

    The group walked in and thought about looking around. However, they were all still tired. Instead of exploring, they figured they would make Phyre show them around tomorrow and made their way further into the house.

    “Where do you suppose the rooms are?” questioned Aaron.

    “Hell if I know,” answered Shade. A groan came from Domme’s back and Phyre burrowed her face further into his shoulder.

    “There are twelve bedrooms. Six on the second floor, five on the third, and mine on the fourth. Can we stop talking now?” she grumbled. The rest happily obliged, trudging up the stairs. Harry turned to look at Domme.

    “Do you want me to take her, kid?” he asked. When Domme shook his head, he nodded in understanding. Upon reaching the second floor, everyone looked around.

    “Who is staying on this floor?”

    Mike, Nick, Travis, Jacob, Harry, and Aaron walked down the hall, each disappearing into their own room. Joel turned to smile at Scarr.

    “It looks like Shade, Gary, Domme, you and me on the third floor, Scarr,” he told her. She grumbled at having to walk up more stairs, but continued on her way. At the next floor, the members bid each other goodnight. As Gary, Scarr, and Joel walked into rooms they deemed their own for now, Shade turned to Domme once more.

    “Last chance, kiddo. You want me to take her to her room?”

    Domme shook his head again, so Shade smiled. “You better be careful with her. You hurt our singer and we hurt you,” he threatened. Domme smiled back and nodded. “Get going, kid. That way you’ll eventually get to bed.”

    Domme walked up the last flight of stairs and into the only bedroom on that floor. He walked over to the bed and laid the girl on it gently. Walking out, he went back off in search of his own room. When he found it, his jaw hit the floor.

    While everyone else had been content to just flop onto their beds, Domme wandered around the large room. He stared at everything. The walls were pale blue, matching the bedspread. The floors were hardwood except for a large white rug in the middle of the room. The bed frame was silver, but seemed to match the blue with white circle comforter. Blue and white throw pillows sat against the normal pillows on the bed. A table next to the bed held the only lamp in the entire room. Domme was sure he could find a light switch if he looked, but figured the lamplight was enough.

    A large, flat-screen television set sat across the room from the bed on top of a wooden entertainment center. He thought about checking out the movies around the screen, but decided to leave it until tomorrow. Pictures of The Guild hung on the wall around the TV and Domme wondered momentarily if this had been someone else’s room.

    He didn’t even notice the door leading to the massive bathroom as exhaustion took hold. Instead, he wandered over to his bed and flopped into a heap on top of it. His body slumped as he fell asleep almost instantly.
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    PostSubject: Re: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 10, 2010 2:44 am

    With morning came amazing smells of breakfast. Eggs, waffles, pancakes, French toast, toast, hashbrowns, coffee and fresh orange juice could be smelled all the way up on the third floor. It was even enough to wake Scarrlette without protest.
    As the people woke, they took notice of their rooms. Aaron’s room had white walls and gray marble floors. His bed sat against the wall farthest from the door and bedside tables sat on both sides. Teardrop shaped lamps topped the tables. The bedspread was white and the comforter red, matching the throw pillows resting against the large white pillows. A stereo system sat across from the bed and Aaron’s favorite picture sat atop it. The picture was one of he, Harry, and Phyre at school. The girl was clinging to Harry’s back and a look of panic was on his brother’s face as he and Phy smiled for the camera.
    Next was Gary. His walls were black and he had dark hardwood floors. The bed was silver and had silver lamps on both sides. A large octagonal mirror hung next to the door and above a silver chair. A black ottoman sat at the foot of the bed. Bookcases of what seemed to be every manga book ever written sat against the wall by the door.
    Harry’s room had beige walls and a brown carpet with green squiggly lines covering it. The walls were red and green in some areas from hidden lights above the bed and around the television across from the bed. A desk sat underneath the television with all of Harry’s music writing things and his guitar rested next to it. Giant green pillows sat behind normal sized white ones and a single brown throw pillow sat in front of those. The sheets and comforter were white and a brown blanket sat folded neatly at the end.
    Jacob’s room had white tile and pale hardwood floors. The walls were mint green and the bedspread and pillows matched. The frame was silver and sat low to the ground. A mint green and silver couch sat against the wall by the bed, looking towards the large flat-screen television. A chandelier hung over the bed was the only lighting for the room.
    Joel’s bedroom had black walls, a black floor, and black bedspread. The white bed frame was the only other color in the room. Mirrors hung on almost every wall and even sat on top of the black bedside table. A black lamp with a black lampshade sat upon the table as well and chandelier-type lights that were black also hung from the ceiling.
    Shade’s room had gray walls and floor. All the furniture was wooden and a television set sat across from the teal-colored bed. Light fixtures on the wall cast a soft glow about the room and a chandelier hung low. Two nooks next to the wall held a bunch of fiction books and had several pictures of Phyre, Harry, Aaron, and himself adorned the shelves.
    Travis’s walls were black and his floor gray except for a black throw rug. The bed frame was made of wood and attached to the wall, making it appear to float above the floor. Instead of a bedside table, the frame continued out on both sides and a lamp sat atop it. The black bedspread had white starbursts on it. A television floated on the wall across from the bed.

    Mikes bedroom looked like a quilt had thrown up everywhere. It was varying shades of blue and white from the walls to the carpet. Even the furniture was white. There was a cut out in the one wall, offering a sort of bench seating with a white wicker end table nearby. There was a white rocking chair at the end of the bed and across it was draped a blue fleece blanket.
    As the smell caused her eyes to open, Scarr took a look around the room she had carelessly died in. The walls were solid black, keeping it as dark as she liked her bedrooms, with two small windows, white with heavy black curtains. Beside the window was a white, wingback chair with black legs. The floor was white and there was a black bench at the end of the bed. There were two chadellier style lamps hanging over the blue bedside tables, but the bed was the best part. A wrought iron, scrollwork headboard rest against the wall, almost obscured by plush black pillows, and a tan and white, faux fur comforter. On the wall between her dresser and door leading to the hallway was a black fridge which, upon opening, only held mountain dew. Yeah, Phy made this room for her. Deciding she wanted food, she shut the fridge and walked out.
    As she stumbled, almost blindly, down the stairs she bumped into Mike.
    Gripping her hips to steady her, he eyed her outfit curiously.
    “What,” she asked, looking down at her boyshorts and cami.
    “Nothing,” Mike grinned, moving a hand to the small of her back and guiding her down the rest of the stairs and into the kitchen where everyone else was watching Phyre in awe. Everyone but Harry who was now glaring at Mike.
    Scarr yawned and stumbled a bit more causing Harry to jerk over and catch her from Mike who was gaping at Phy as well.
    “Oh, hi,” Scarr muttered, looking up at Harry with a lopsided grin.
    “Hey sleepy. A bit unsteady in the mornings?”
    “Yeah, usually,” Scarr giggled.
    “Did you know she could cook,” Harry whispered as he drew Scarrlette to rest against his chest.
    She simply nodded then looked up at him curiously.
    “You didn’t know?”
    Harry shook his head with a smile.
    Rather suddenly Joel heard Scarr’s voice and turned to see her leaning against Harry’s chest, his hands on her hips, and a dark glare crossed his features. Scarr issued him an equally dark glare and he turned away. That’s about when Phyre realized she had an audience.
    “what the hell dudes? I fucking got up, went to the store, and made breakfast and your dumb asses aren't going to sit the fuck down and eat? Well, damn,” she exclaimed, putting a hand on her hip.
    “Nice jammies,” Scarr grinned, pointing to Phyre’s blue and pink booty shorts with happy bunny on them that say "wake me when the boring stops" and tight black t-shirt that also had happy bunny on it, but says "it's not my fault your music sucks."
    “Hey, mine are less boring than yours,” the smaller girl grinned, winking at Harry.
    Shaking her head Scarrlette moved away from Harry to grab a plate from the cupboard and begin to load it up with the food, kissing her dearest friend on the cheek as she passed.
    “Thank you for breakfast dearie, I do miss living with you for just this reason,” she grinned before making her way out to the dining room and flopping into a chair.
    As if assured by Scarrlette, the boys slowly began to pile up plates of food before moving out to sit at the table as well, Mike and Harry dropping onto either side of Scarr, glaring at each other behind her back.
    Phyre waltzed out shortly after, her own plate piled high with food.
    "You know, if you keep eating like that, you're going to get fat," tormented Shade. The girl rolled her eyes and flipped him off, flopping into an armchair. Her legs draped over one arm and her head rested against the other.
    "You make fun of me again and I'll feed your portion to the others."
    After breakfast, Phyre collected the plates of all the boys and Scarr. She then carried them into the kitchen and looked out.
    "I hope you don't think that I'm washing all these on my own. Someone can get their ass in here and help."
    Scarr’s eyes widened and she lept to her feet, bolting out the back door and onto the grounds, Harry and Mike on her heels and Joel on theirs, a scowl on his face.
    Shade scrambled up and back to his room with a slight yelp.
    Domme skipped into the kitchen after her with a grin and Gary slipped in a well, smiling kindly.
    “We’ll help,” Domme grinned.
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    PostSubject: Re: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 11, 2010 12:41 am

    After dishes were done, Phy smiled and kissed Gary and Domme’s cheeks.

    “Thanks for your help,” she said. As Domme blushed furiously, Gary nodded. The three walked out to find the members who had evacuated.

    “Well, most of them went outside. I think Shade went upstairs and you two came to help me. Well, let’s go swimming since most of them are outside anyway!” she cheered, smiling brightly and jumping into the air. She walked over to the staircase that Domme and Gary had just realized was made of thick glass and appeared to be floating in midair, and yelled up.

    “Shade, we’re going swimming! You coming?”

    A thud followed by a loud curse seemed to be the answer and the boy ran down in a pair of forest green swim trunks, a white towel flung over his bare shoulders. Phyre chuckled and shook her head, walking to the door.

    “Those of you who are swimming, go put on your damn suits!” she yelled out. Immediately, all the vacated band members ran back in and up to their own rooms. Domme, Gary, and Phyre also walked up the stairs to change.

    After putting on her bikini, Phyre stared at herself in the mirror for a moment before laughing. Her parents had given her this bikini as a joke for her birthday the year before she had decided she loved music and joined a rock band.

    She had always liked music, but didn’t know about anything other than classical. Her parents thought that would never change. The top was white and had music notes and clefs all over it. The bottoms were black and had the words “Rock Star” written across the back in orange. Her parents had laughed at her look of confusion upon reading the words. She wondered what they would think now that she really was a rock star. She shook her head, smiling softly to herself, and grabbed a large wolf towel. She tucked it under her arm and walked down the stairs.

    Harry sat in his black swim trunks with skulls on them that Phyre had given him earlier that year. He glared at Mike who sported a pair of blue Hawaiian print trunks and glared right back. Aaron smiled and waved at the girl and she took in his white swim trunks that had blue Celtic knots across the bottom. She cocked and eyebrow and he laughed.

    “Mother,” he stated simply. She laughed lightly as well, nodding in understanding. Travis and Nick had blue trunks and Jacob sported a pair of maroon trunks. He eyed Phyre in appreciation and Harry, Aaron, and Shade turned to glare at him.

    “Don’t think about it,” they said in unison. Jacob held his arms up and shrugged. Joel and Gary soon joined the group waiting. Joel wore a pair of purple trunks with a black dragon on the bottom right leg that Scarr had given to him. Gary sported a pair of gray trunks with blue tribal tattoos on them.

    Domme came skipping down the stairs and Mike groaned and rolled his eyes.

    “Jesus fucking Christ. Kid, your trunks match her hair,” he stated, motioning towards Phyre. It was true. Phyre still wore her hair in a bright orange pixie cut and Domme’s shorts were the same shade. He blushed and looked down, about to apologize before Phyre slapped the back of Mike’s head and walked over to hug the drummer.

    “Domme, I think your trunks are fun,” she said, sticking her tongue out at Mike. She noticed that Mike’s attention was no longer on her and saw Harry staring up the stairs as well. She continued hugging Domme, but called out, “Hey, Scarr! How nice of you to join us!”

    Scarr grinned and walked over to the other girl. “You’re embarrassing the poor boy. Leave him alone, Phy,” she said, pulling her away from Domme again.

    “Or what?” she questioned quietly.

    “I’ll pull your top off,” the girl responded. Phyre faked a look of horror. “Oh, no! Anything but that!” she called
    dramatically before laughing and dodging the other girl’s punch. She stopped to look at her bikini. It was black with a white rose on the top far left and a red rose on the right hip.

    “I like that, Scarr,” she complimented. The older girl smirked at the younger singer.

    “Really? I figured it was covering too much for you,” she retorted. Phyre laughed.

    “Oh, touché, Scarr. Well, what are we waiting for?” she asked, skipping out the door. The rest followed and froze, mouths dropping open in awe. To the left was a closed-in gazebo that housed a hot tub. The group could see the lights that were also miniature fountains though they weren’t on. Strings of LED lights lined the top of the tub.

    However, straight ahead was what had captured everyone’s attention. An odd-shaped pool sat surrounded by tiny gardens and a tiki-type umbrella covered a second, smaller, hot tub that was separated from the pool by a rock ledge. A large rock waterfall sat at the far end and concealed a very large water slide. The bright blue water glittered invitingly.

    Phyre suddenly re-appeared as music started to play. She danced circles around the hot tub before climbing up the waterfall. She giggled and danced before jumping onto the slide and allowing it to carry her downwards and shoot her into the water. She came up and waved to the group.

    “Well, let’s go! Get your asses in here, won’t you?!” she called. That was all the invitation the rest needed. Shade grinned and picked up Aaron, throwing him into the pool. As he was laughing, Phyre shoved him into the water as well. Scarr attempted to grab Phyre, but Domme launched her into the water.

    As Phyre laughed, Harry grabbed a hold of her and jumped in with her. Gary and Joel jumped in and Mike followed. Nick, Jacob, and Travis walked over to flop into the hot tub. Phyre giggled and splashed Joel. He attempted to splash her back, but she dove under.

    When she came up, her eyes lit up like she had just had an epiphany. She giggled and clapped her hands.

    “Oh God,” mumbled Scarr, moving to the side of the pool. Harry and Mike followed, glaring at each other. Shade and Aaron quickly swam to the other side of the pool.

    “What’s up with all you?” asked Joel.

    “Well, when she gets that face, she usually has a bad idea,” Scarr explained. Phyre pouted a little before sticking her tongue out at her friend.

    “You’re just jealous because you’re no fun. Well, no matter. Domme, Joel, and Gary will play with me, right?”

    “Um…Play what exactly?” questioned Gary as Domme immediately agreed to the game.

    “We’re going to play chicken!” cheered the tiny girl. Gary and Joel turned matching grins to each other. They nodded.

    “Sounds good. You’re partnered with the munchkin there, Phyre,” Joel told her. She nodded and swam over to the trio.

    As Joel climbed onto Gary’s shoulders, Phyre smiled at Domme.

    “Think you can hold me up, Domme?” she asked. He blushed and nodded, moving so she could easily climb on top of his shoulders. His face grew increasingly redder and, when she was perched just right, he began to walk to the other two.
    However, he didn’t make it far before he tripped over his own feet and the pair went into the water. Joel and Gary laughed, watching as the two came up spluttering.

    “Aw, what’s wrong, Domme? Can’t hold up a chick?” asked Gary. Joel laughed as well.

    “Can’t hold up a chick? Hell, I don’t think he can hold up anything!” he tormented. Both Phyre and Domme had very red faces now and this caused the other pair to laugh harder.

    “Come on, Kid. It isn’t like she’s naked. I mean, she’s wearing a bathing suit,” laughed Joel.

    “This could be the easiest game of chicken we’ve ever played, Joel!” stated Gary. Phyre turned a glare to the two and
    flipped them off. She swam over to Domme again and hugged him.

    “Ignore them. Come on, we can do this. I have to beat them, Domme! I have a reputation to uphold!”

    When he nodded, she climbed onto his shoulders once more. Though he stumbled a couple of times on his way over, the pair were able to make it to the laughing members of Leather Wings this time.

    “Finally ready to play?” teased Joel. Domme’s face was still red, but he held onto Phyre’s legs and held his ground. Phyre glared at the pair, resting her hands on Domme’s head.

    “Oh, go fuck yourselves. Come on! You think you’re so tough?! Bring it!” she yelled back. Gary and Joel grinned before starting at the other pair. Phyre braced herself, wrapping her legs a little tighter around Domme’s chest and hooking her feet together behind his back. Domme’s grip tightened a little around her legs as well as Joel reached out to grab the girl.

    Phyre grabbed Joel’s hands and the two began to shove against each other. A grin crossed Joel’s face as Domme’s face sank below the water momentarily. However, the girl remained attached to his shoulders. When the drummer came back up, Gary winked at him while asking, “You want us to take her top off, Domme? That would be fun for you, wouldn’t it?”

    Almost immediately, Domme tripped and the two fell into Gary and Joel. Phyre felt Joel’s fingers grab the string to her top and she growled.

    “My face is right in your lap, Joel. If you don’t want a giant bite mark on your thigh, I would not touch that,” she told him. Immediately, the guitarist dropped the string and Phyre used the momentary pause to shove herself back up so Domme could straighten.

    Her gaze fell to the other two and she noticed that Joel was trying to help Gary recover his footing after the singer had pushed off of him. She grinned and leaned over, giving Joel a good shove. Immediately, the guitarist toppled into the water, the bassist soon following.

    Phyre laughed and threw her hands in the air while shouting, “We won, Domme!”

    The others, who had been watching, laughed.

    “By the way, you two, Phy plays dirty,” Shade said, laughing as the two came up. Phyre crossed her arms on top of Domme’s head and rested hers on top.

    “I don’t play dirty. I just rock,” she stated, sticking her tongue out at her drummer. Her contented smile turned to a slight frown as she shivered a little. She shook her head and looked around at those gathered.

    “Anyone else want to take us on?” she asked. When she had no takers, she slid off the boy’s shoulders and into the pool.

    “Damn, that’s cold!” Phyre grumbled, shivering. She swam over to the stair and climbed out. She shivered viciously and toweled off for a moment before staring at the hot tub.

    Scarr stood, finally unable to stand the boys glaring over top of her and walked into the house, shaking her head at Phy with a grin.

    Harry and Mike quickly got up to follow her as she made her way into the kitchen. When they got to her she was going through the second fridge, growling to herself as glass bottles rattled. With a pleased noise she stepped away, a case of Mikes Hard Pomegranate Lemonade in her hand. As she saw the two she sighed, setting the case on the counter and opening a bottle.

    “You’re not allowed to be around me if you’re going to continue to glare at each other. It’s pissing me off. Like a fucking lot. I mean hell, you’re fun to dance with Mike, but nothing is going to happen there. You’re way too much of a flirt. If you didn’t grab my ass so much I might think differently but when it comes down to it, I’d rather be with Harry. At least he gives a damn about something more than my ass,” she snapped, downing the bottle and opening another with a glare.

    Mike frowned before muttering, “Whatever,” and walking out. Harry blushed and stared at the floor. After a moment, he opened his mouth before closing it once more. He looked like a fish for a time before looking back at her.
    “Scarr, I’m…I’m sorry. I feel like a jackass.”

    The three who had been in the hot tub where now lying in chairs, enjoying the feel of the sun beating down on their bodies. Frowning, Phyre thought it was strange that she was so cold, but thought little of it before deciding to relax in the hot tub. She climbed into the water and sank down to her chin in the warm water. She shivered again before yawning.

    As she climbed back out of the water and wrapped her towel around herself, she told her friends, “I’m feeling a little cold right now. I’m going to go put on some dry clothes and I’ll be right back. Keep making yourselves at home, please,” she said.

    She walked into the house and up to her room. She threw her bathing suit into her tub and grabbed dry clothes. She pulled on a pair of red flannel pajama bottoms and a gray long sleeve turtle neck. She toweled off her hair and walked downstairs once more. However, instead of joining everyone outside, she curled up inside a blanket and fell onto the couch.
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    Scarr turned to Harry and frowned.

    “Don’t apologize. Just stop with the treating me like a prize,” she ordered. He nodded and smiled. She hesitantly returned it, but both jumped as they heard the soft thump of Phyre hitting the couch.

    Before Scarr could move, Harry had crossed the kitchen and entered the living room. He crouched beside the couch, a frown creasing his eyebrows.

    “Phy?” he asked. “Phy, are you ok?”

    Phyre groaned and turned her attention to her guitarist. She smiled at him and nodded. He continued to frown as he reached up and touched her forehead. He pulled his hand back and all but growled.

    “You have a fever again, Phyre! Damn it! You know you have a weak immune system! What the hell were you thinking trying to keep this from us?! Damn it!” he trailed off. He sighed when she looked like she was about to cry.

    “Phy, I’m sorry. But you really do need to tell us things like this. We all love you too much to see you so sick. Besides, if you end up in the hospital again, your parents really will kill Aaron, Shade, and I.”

    Phyre smiled at the joke before nodding. “I’m sorry, Harry,” she muttered weakly. Harry smiled lovingly at her and kissed her forehead. He looked to Scarr and smiled.

    “There are brochures on the table. Why don’t you choose somewhere for all of us to go?” he asked kindly. She nodded, knowing he was trying to hide the singer’s condition from all who didn’t absolutely need to know. Nodding back, she went to go search for some tourist type thing for the bands to do.

    “As for you,” Harry said, turning back to the youngest member of the group, “Let’s get you up to bed. Then I’ll bring up some Tylenol and chicken soup. We’ll see if we can’t get that fever to break quickly this time.”

    As he spoke, he scooped the girl up bridal style. She rested her head against his shoulder and he frowned more.

    “Jesus Christ, Phyre! You’ve lost weight! How long have you been sick?”

    “Well…it’s been coming for awhile,” she admitted sheepishly. He frowned, but made a note to speak to her about it after she had healed. He carried her up the stairs and into her room. He laid her on her bed and covered her up before leaving to fetch Tylenol and soup.

    As he hit the bottom of the stairs he all but ran into Scarr who was on her way up with soup and the Tylenol. At his slightly odd look she smiled.

    "We've been friends a long time. Listen, I figure we'll all just dress up in disguises and go out as tourists and do all that cheesy bull, it'll let us be normal for a bit and I know it'll please the hell out of Domme," she leaned against the wall as she spoke, smiling calmly

    Harry nodded and smiled. He moved to let her take the tray up to Phyre. He shook his head as the rest of the group came running in, still laughing and shoving each other.

    “Hey, guys! Ready to go do the tourist thing?” he asked, laughing a little. “We’ll go check out ‘Angell & Phelps Chocolate Factory’ first.”

    At the mention of chocolate, Domme’s face lit up in excitement.

    “Chocolate? Yay! Phy and I will go and eat all we can!” he cheered. Harry frowned slightly.

    “Not quite, Domme,” he said. Domme frowned and the group looked towards Harry.

    “What do you mean?” asked Shade.

    “He means Phy isn’t feeling well and we’re going to let her rest,” stated Scarr, rejoining the group. Nobody said anything for a moment before Shade and Aaron walked up the stairs to their rooms. The rest of the group followed and all soon met back down in the living room wearing their clothes.

    Gary wore Tripp shorts and a black wife beater. Domme sported khaki cargo shorts and a blue t-shirt, but seemed put-out that he was not allowed to see the sick singer. Joel wore his usual low-cut pants and no shirt. Harry rolled his eyes and threw a wife beater at the guitarist with a muttered, “You’ll need this.” Scarr wore a pair of jeans and a dress shirt. The rest of the group all wore jean shorts. Harry wore a red t-shirt and Aaron a white wife beater. Shade and Jake wore System of a Down t-shirts and grinned at each other. Mike wore a maroon t-shirt and Nick sported a black dress shirt. Lastly, Travis wore a violet wife beater.

    “We ready to go?” asked Shade. When everyone nodded, the group set off.
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    PostSubject: Re: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeTue Aug 17, 2010 2:27 am

    “Lette? I don’t feel so good,” Domme whined, laying his head against his singers

    “Well maybe you shouldn’t have eaten so much chocolate,” Scarrlette teased,
    gently rubbing his back.
    “We went to a chocolate factory Lette! You HAVE to eat it all!”
    “As much as I hate to admit it, kid’s got a point,” Joel laughed, stepping up to

    help Scarr carry the child into the house once more.
    “Don’t encourage him,” Scarrlette snapped, turning to glare at her guitarist
    behind her drummers back.
    “I think I’m going to be sick,” Domme groaned.
    Scarrlette’s eyes widened and she and Joel began to rush him up towards his room

    to scattered laughter from the rest of the bands behind them.
    Harry smiled a bit, heading up shortly after them to check on Phyre.
    Knocking lightly, he slowly opened her door.
    “Phy? How are you feeling?”
    “Better,” she giggled in response, looking past Scarr.
    “Oh, Scarrlette, I didn’t know you were going to check on her,” he grinned,
    looking only mildly surprised.
    “Yeah, Domme asked me to, not that I wouldn’t have anyway. She’s like a sister
    and has taken care of me when I’ve been sick.”
    “How is the poor kid?”
    “Puking his guts out as we speak. I left Joel with him. He handles the puke
    better than I do,” Scarr shivered, scrunching up her nose as well.
    Phyre laughed, playfully punching her friends shoulder.
    “You always were a weakling when it came to puke.”
    “Oh like you’re any better,” Scarr laughed, shoving her friend back.
    “Well I’ll let you two,” Harry started.
    “Nah, I was just leaving,” Scarr interrupted. After hugging Phyre, she stood up
    and walked past Harry on her way out, patting him lightly on the shoulder as she

    Once she was gone, Phyre lay back down and raised an eyebrow at Harry.
    “So? What’s going on there?”
    Harry sighed, moving to flop down onto the bed beside his singer.
    “I don’t know, I mean she pretty much told Mike off today before you came in and

    got sick.”
    “Oh yeah, I had meant to ask why he looked so pissed…” Phy mused, “Anyway, when
    are you taking her out again?”
    Harry grimaced, running a hand through his hair.
    “I was going to ask her out tonight but with the kid being sick,” he trailed
    off, looking at her with a frown.
    “She’ll still go out if he’s sick. You heard her; she’ll leave Joel in charge.
    Now get out of my room and go ask the damn girl out!” Phyre shoved him out of
    her bed with a laugh.
    Landing with a curse, Harry stood slowly and glared at her.
    “You’re lucky you’re sick Phy, real lucky.”
    “Just remember who taught you to fight,” Phy teased, waving him out of her room.
    As Harry made his way back downstairs he found the rest of the bands lounging in

    the living room. Minus Scarr.
    “Where’s Scarrlette,” he asked Gary, figuring the bassist would know.
    “She said something about finding a music room and took off that way,” Gary
    pointed to a doorway to the left of the giant television they were all watching
    some football game on.
    Nodding, Harry walked off in the same direction. As he made his way down the
    hallway he opened doors in an attempt to find Scarr. Opening the fifth door, he
    found himself surrounded by red with black tribal and the sound of Scarr’s
    voice. Smiling, he stepped inside and shut the door behind him.
    Scarrlette was singing to herself while curled up on a red leather couch, pad of

    paper on her lap and a pen in her hand.
    “Trying to write a new song,” Harry asked, startling the girl who then whipped
    around to face him with a hand on her chest.
    “Yeah, yeah,” she muttered, trying to catch her breath with a laugh.
    Harry lowered himself down beside her and held out his hand.
    “Mind if I take a look?”
    “Not at all,” Scarr smiled, handing the pad over. “It’s for a male singer.”
    Harry nodded and looked at the lyrics carefully.
    “Cuz I don’t wanna be like this, I’ve been runnin these streets for too long
    now, I’ve got nothing, it’s true, but this song now, but the further I go, I
    wanna go home, x2
    “I fuckin swear that I care but it’s hard when you stare into the bottom of a
    bottle that is empty and bare Oh my desolate soul in my desolate hole it’s my
    desolate role yeah I’m here all alone. I can’t think up a reason to get the fuck

    out of bed, curtains closed lights are off am I alive or dead. I haven’t shaved
    in a week, I always slur when I speak, tolerance at its peak, another fifth just

    to sleep. Oh woe is me, woe is me I guess I need love, hoes you see hoes you see

    I’m just in a rut and I swear I’m tryin baby, please, baby don’t leave, god damn

    I’m a fucker but I guess that’s just me. So I’ll sit in my room and I’ll cry in
    my bed thinkin about all the shit that made me wrong in my head. I keep tryin to

    climb but it seems so steep pour myself a fuckin whiskey and go back to sleep
    “Cuz I don’t wanna be like this, I’ve been runnin these streets for too long
    now, I’ve got nothin, it’s true, but this song now, but the further I go, I
    wanna go home x2”
    Scarrlette hummed along as he spoke, setting the beat for him a bit.
    “Interesting,” he laughed.
    “It’s not finished yet,” she blushed, reaching for the pad again.
    “I can’t hear it in my mind though, care to show me?” Harry looked at her, his
    eyes glittering with mischief and hope.
    Rolling her eyes, Scarr nodded and set the pad on the coffee table in front of
    the couch. Standing she went and picked up a guitar. Sitting back beside him she

    began to play, humming a bit of what the rest of the intro would sound like. As
    the lyrics picked up she began to sing, her voice soft and clear as she sang in
    a lower key than normal until the chorus where she began almost rapping. As she
    finished, she smiled, tucking her hair behind her ear and looking at him.
    Harry looked at her for a moment before leaning closer and gently brushing his
    lips across hers. Placing his forehead against hers he laughed nervously.
    “I’m sorry,” he managed to respond before Scarr quickly pressed her lips back to

    his. After a long moment she pulled away, smiling, and stood to return the
    guitar to its spot on the wall.
    “No need to apologize. Did you want to do something later tonight?” She looked
    over her shoulder to find him in a slight state of shock.
    Laughing, Lette shook her head. “I’m friends with Phy remember? Impulsive.
    Besides, she hasn’t let me be about you since the other night when we went out.”
    That seemed to pull Harry from the trance, laughing he nodded. “Yeah, sounds
    like a plan. What do you want to do?”
    “I have an idea, if you’re game that is. I have to dye my hair first but… well
    just meet me downstairs by the front door at four!”
    Harry laughed, standing and walking over to wrap his arms around her waist.
    “That sounds perfect,” he smiled.
    “Well then you have to let me go so I can go dye my hair before it gets too much

    later,” she laughed, pecking his lips quickly before worming her way out of his
    grasp and darting out of the room. She quickly made her way up the spiral
    staircase that lead directly to the third floor and darted into her room,
    shutting and locking the door behind her. Opening the refrigerator, she grabbed
    one of the sodas and walked into her bathroom for the first time.
    The ceiling, walls and floor were all pure white tile with gray grout between
    them. Directly to her front and right were black and white photographs stacked
    one on top of the other from ceiling to floor. They were of various flowers and
    beautiful. There was a pale purple counter on the left wall housing two chrome
    sinks, oddly shaped to match the large tub tucked against the right wall.
    Hanging lights in a matching pale purple lead a path past the tub and behind a
    small wall to where the toilet was hidden.

    With a grin, Scarr shook her head. This was totally her room and bathroom. Even
    though Phy hadn’t known if they would ever meet up again, she had made these two

    rooms for her and that was very clear. After a moment Scarr shook herself from
    the daze and opened a cupboard that was set into the wall. It was fully stocked
    with hair dye in all colors and more makeup than she ever thought she would use.

    With an excited squeal, she picked out a few colors and set about dying her
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    PostSubject: Re: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeMon Oct 04, 2010 12:28 pm

    Harry shifted his weight from foot to foot, staring around him anxiously. The bottom of his white polo soon became wrinkled with how much he was worrying the fabric. He forced himself to stop and shove his hands into the pockets of his black dress slacks.

    "What got into you, dude?" The voice startled him and he jumped slightly, whipping around to face Shade.

    "What the hell are you doing scaring me like that?" he asked. The drummer laughed.

    "You've taken so many chicks to bed that I'm envious, but a date is freaking you out?"

    "Shut the hell up, Shade."

    "You must really care about this one. Think she'll look hot for your date tonight?"

    "She always looks and..." his voice trailed off as he gazed up the stairs at Scarr coming down into the living room.

    Scarrlette kept her hands pressed into her lap as she made her way down the stairs, keeping her skirt pressed closed. Her fingers picked lightly at the lace as she kept her head down hiding behind her now black bangs with red stripes. The rest of her hair was dyed opposite, fire engine red with black stripes running diagonally away from her face. Her shy demeanor was contrasted by her black mesh top sitting over top of a silver bikini top.

    A silver necklace hung around her throat, the quill pendant hiding behind the mesh of her shirt while silver bracelets jangled softly on her wrists. Her legs were covered by black and white striped thigh-high stockings and ended in chunky black boots that came just below her knees. She was a “goth club-kid” personified, her gold eyes being the focus behind black and silver eyeliner in a large cat-eye style.

    “Hi,” she grinned, looking up as she finally hit the bottom of the stairs. “You should shut your mouth. You’ll catch flies when I open the door,” she teased.

    Harry finally tore his eyes from her to grin at Shade and elbow the drummer.

    "Ow! Hey! What?!" he was cut off as Harry shoved him away and looked back at Scarrlette.

    "You look great," he told her. "I love the outfit."

    He walked to the stairs to take her hand and smiled, kissing her cheek.

    "So, are you ready for our date tonight?" he asked.

    Scarr smirked, gripping his hand tighter for a moment.

    “Are you? Cuz this is going to be an adventure! I really hope you like it actually,” she trailed off.

    He smiled."I am ready. Adventures are always fun and they don't come in short supply with Phy around. I'm excited to be going on one that is planned for once," he laughed.

    Scarr grinned and pulled him out of the door, leading him to the car she had called for earlier in the day before sliding into the drivers seat with a grin.

    “I don’t have to blindfold you do I?”

    Harry looked at her and shrugged, grinning. "Do you want it to be a secret?" he asked. He then shook his head. "We won't be near the fans, right? I brought disguises just in case..."

    “Nah, you’re not going to need those where we’re going. I promise. But secret’s aren’t fun. You can see I guess.”

    She giggled and drove them through the town taking a scenic route to get to a little locally owned Chinese restaurant about twenty minutes from Phyre’s house. She quickly hopped out and opened his door, bowing to him with a giggle and holding her hand out for him.

    “Shall we,” she grinned.

    He laughed and took her hand, twirling her and leading her into the restaurant after closing his door. "Aren't I supposed to be the one doing that?" he teased.

    Scarr squealed a bit, giggling and nodding.

    “I think you are but who cares,” she grinned. “I’m paying too,” she announced suddenly, smirking and reaching into her bikini top to show him a wad of money.

    “Don’t even try to argue either damnit,” she threatened as she pulled him into the restaurant. She began speaking rapid Chinese to the woman behind the podium that greeted them and after a few moments she began pulling Harry along after her as the small woman lead them to a table near the back and by the kitchen.

    “I did some research before coming here, I’m excited to eat, it’s all authentic and what not, they’re straight off the… well probably plane at this point in time, but whatever. That’s one of the owners, it’s her and her husband and their two kids,” she spoke over her shoulder to Harry as they went. She then smirked and let go of him, moving to pull out his chair for him.

    “Your seat sir,” she teased.

    He laughed before pulling her seat out and sitting in his. "Why thank you, ma'am," he teased back.

    Scarr took her seat, turning to the woman and speaking rapidly once more for a brief moment before turning to Harry suddenly.

    “I’m telling her to pick something for me to eat, would you like to see a menu or would you like to be surprised as well?

    He cocked his head before smiling once more. "Surprise me. After all, I didn't know you could speak Chinese."

    Scarr grinned, turning to the owner once more and speaking for a few moments longer before turning back to Harry.

    “There are probably a few things you don’t know about me. Phy doesn’t even know everything. I can speak a few other languages as well. Chinese, German, Russian, and French, though I mostly taught myself. I didn’t have a lot of free time to be honest, I worked all through… well since I was like fifteen. But what time I did have I spent reading and learning languages. I hoped one day to need them all, travel the world ya know? But I’m talking a lot about me, I’m sorry. Tell me more about you?”

    Harry smiled again and shook his head.

    "I'm fascinated by your abilities. However, I don't have much like that. I learned Spanish in middle school only because it was required. I was accepted into a private school halfway through my middle school life. I met Shade there and Aaron soon came to the school as well. We all became friends and when Aaron and I found out that Shade played drums, we started a band. Either Aaron or I would sing, but we needed a singer. We discussed it for awhile until Phyre came to the school as well. She was shy and quiet, but we found out that she could sing and quickly recruited her. When we got big the next year, we all changed a little. Phy got more outgoing and the rest of us grew closer together since we spent a lot of time together. However, I'm sure you know all about that," he laughed nervously.

    Scarr smiled, nodding a bit.

    “She wrote me a few times telling me about you all, I must confess it didn’t come up often though. It was pleasing to know others took her under their wing. I really did worry about here and I tried my hardest to get accepted into the same school to try and help her out but I was never good enough, nor could I afford it,” she sighed, sitting back against her chair, crossing her arms over her chest and looking towards the front of the restaurant.

    “Story of my life,” she muttered softly before turning back to Harry with a fake smile. “But I wouldn’t change it. I met Joel and Gary there. We were in a band with another drummer first but he took things… a little too far when my breasts came in. We found Domme shortly after, changed our name to Leather Wings and made it big less than a year ago. It never ceases to amaze me the way the fans have taken to us. I’m actually the reason we’re on tour with you guys. Our manager heard you were looking for another band to be on the tour and when I saw Phy as part of your group I told him he had to get us on the bill or I was leaving the band. Imagine his distress,” she laughed, shaking her head and hiding behind her hair for a moment.

    “Worried the other three for a little bit too actually. But here we are.”

    As she finished speaking a waiter appeared with their food. Scarr tilted her face towards the plates, inhaling deeply with a pleased groan.

    “That smells amazing,” she muttered to herself.

    Harry nodded.

    "I agree," he said before smiling at her. "I'm sorry you couldn't get into our school and that your first drummer didn't work out. However, I am glad that you found a way to get back to Phy. Don't feel badly...Phy was always pretty good at separating friend issues and band ones. She keeps a lot of information to herself. It infuriates us sometimes, but I suppose she did that with you, too," he laughed. He then shook his head. "Phy has never pulled that card, but Shade and Aaron have numerous times. Mostly when we get into arguments. Phy usually steps in and calms us. However, one night we were arguing and Shade said he would quit. I regret to say that I told him it wouldn't be too hard to find 'someone to bang mindlessly on things.' I thought our band really was going to break up. However, Phy saw the name 'Leather Wings' on the list and shrugged it off, groaning that we were at it again. Once she looked at the band members, she screeched, 'MARK! GET IN HERE! I WANT THIS BAND!'" he finished his story, serving her food and getting some for himself.

    Joel stumbled down the stairs to find the rest of the bands missing. Wandering through the house he finally found them in a hot tub, laughing and joking.

    He turned around, quickly running to his room and changing his trunks before coming back and slipping into an empty spot.

    “Kid finally stop puking,” Gary grinned.

    “Finally,” Joel grinned back.

    “Scarr’ll be happy.”

    “Yeah, whenever she gets back,” he growled, eyes narrowing a bit.

    “So what are we going to do tonight? As fun as this is it seems a bit gay. We should go get chicks!” Shade grinned.

    Mike nodded.

    “Fuck yeah dude, let’s hit the clubs!”

    “I’m down,” Gary laughed.

    “Me too,” Joel grinned.

    “Meet you bitches at the door at nine,” Mike grinned, hopping out and heading towards his room.

    Joel laughed as everyone else vacated the tub in favor of their rooms as well. After a few long moments he pulled himself from the tub as well and made his way up to Domme’s room.

    “Hey Kid? You feelin any better,” he asked as he walked in.

    Domme nodded, curled up in bed.

    “A bit, yeah,” he whined.

    “Well I’m going to go out with the guys to the clubs here in a little bit ok?”

    “Am I going to be all by myself,” Domme whined, sitting up a little.

    “Phy will be here, but other than that, yeah,” Joel answered, smiling apologetically.

    Domme grinned a bit.

    “Oh, ok. Have fun Joel,” Domme then lay back down, curling up again.

    Joel grinned and walked back out, shutting the door tightly behind him.

    “Oh I will,” he muttered to himself before walking back to his room.

    Scarrlette grinned, pushing her plate away finally and delicately wiping her mouth.

    “That was epic,” she grinned. “Totally leaving a huge tip!”

    Harry laughed and nodded.

    "It was delicious. Great idea! I'm amazed that I didn't know this place was here!"

    She looked up as the owner came back to her side with a bill. Quickly handing the woman some money she smiled and grabbed Harry’s hand, knowing it was at least seven times the amount of the bill, and ran out.

    “Come on, we have to hurry,” she laughed.

    He looked at her in confusion and stumbled after her.

    "Why are we rushing?!" he asked, laughing as well.

    Scarr giggled.

    “I paid her like seven times what the bill was. She’ll try and give it back to me and it’s a local place! I’ll have none of that shit! We gotta go! Get in the car!”

    She shoved him towards the car and leapt into her side, starting it up and pulling away with a squeal of the tires.

    “I hope you like Alice In Wonderland,” she said, turning to look at him for a moment, frowning a little.

    Harry smiled.

    "Phy said that a friend got her hooked. I assume it was you?" he laughed before nodding. "Alice in Wonderland is great."

    Scarrlette grinned.

    “A movie theater just a little ways from the club is doing a double feature tonight. The old animated one and then the newer one. I figured we could go, then walk to the club? It’s in a lesser known part of town, I picked this end because there’d be less chance of being recognized. Sound ok to you?”

    Harry again nodded.

    "It sounds awesome. I'm really glad we don't need the disguises. I honestly have to say that I don't think I would miss that part of the star life."

    “Me either,” Scarr grimaced, pulling up behind the movie theater and turning the car off. She jumped out quickly and again opened his door with a bow before lacing her fingers through his and leading him towards the front of the building to buy their tickets.
    As the duo purchased their tickets, the rest of the group met up at the front door of Phy's house. All wore some type of shorts and a t-shirt. They grinned before pulling on sunglasses and hats.

    "Are we ready to brave the crowd?" questioned Mike. Shade grinned.

    "Let's go get the chicks!" he cheered. They laughed and started out the door.

    When the door clicked shut, Domme looked up. He sat there for a moment before quickly growing bored. He got up and walked out of his room. He made his way up to Phyre's room and knocked on the door.

    "Yeah?" came the response from inside. He opened the door, blushing and smiling shyly.

    "I'm bored. Can I come in and sit with you?" he asked.

    "Where is everyone else and aren't you afraid you'll get sick?" she asked, smiling reassuringly back at him. He shook his head and walked in.

    "Harry and Scarr went on some date and the rest of the guys went to the club," he answered.

    "Why didn't you go to the club with them?" she asked curiously. He grinned sheepishly.

    "I ate too much chocolate and spent the last few hours throwing up," he admitted. She laughed and patted her bed.

    "Well, no matter. If you're not afraid of catching what I have, come and join me."

    He looked at her before looking to the floor and blushing to his ears.

    "What is it?" she asked. Suddenly, it dawned on her and she blushed as well.

    "I was going to suggest watching a movie," she said quietly.

    Domme nodded, eyes still on the floor.

    "What did you have in mind? I'll find it and start it for you so you don't have to get out of bed if you'd like?"

    Phyre smiled at him.

    "I already put in Eragon. I hope that one works for you. If not, you can choose," she said.

    He nodded again before moving to sit on the bed, careful to sit on the very edge, furthest away from the girl. She started the movie and he began to watch it silently.
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    PostSubject: Re: Pandora's Punishment   Pandora's Punishment I_icon_minitimeWed May 04, 2011 2:32 am

    Phyre laughed and nodded to the boy on the bed beside her. They had long since muted the television, allowing the movie to play in silence and instead adding their own lines.
    “I was too worried to tell you this, but I am your mother’s brother’s cousin twice removed,” Phy stated while the elf’s lips moved.
    “All this time…I thought I had no family…And now I have found you,” Domme put in dramatically before the two laughed once more. However, the movie soon ended and Phyre sighed. She turned to ask the drummer what he would like to do next and was surprised to see him sitting next to her on the bed. Sometime throughout their joking, it appeared as though he grew comfortable enough to move off of the edge and closer to the girl. She smiled brightly at him and opened her mouth. However, before any words could fall from between her lips, a hand was placed on her forehead.
    “You’re warm,” his quiet voice came as he blushed, removing his hand from the singer’s body. Phyre blushed as well, but forced a smile onto her fevered lips once more.
    “I’m ok. I promise,” she told him. He looked at her with concern written across his features. However, he chose to believe her and nodded.
    “Ok. Will you eat some soup, though?” he asked her. She nodded and he returned her smile before getting up and starting out the door. “One bowl of chicken noodle soup coming up,” he called.
    “Oh, you probably won’t be able to find it…I put it in a strange cupboard…let me come help you,” she stated. He stopped and turned around to look at her. Before he could tell her to stop, she had climbed out of bed and was walking towards him. He blushed again, cursing himself for thinking about the singer wearing just a pair of booty shorts and a tank top.
    He spun around, trying to get the image of her out of his brain when he heard a little yelp. As he was about to ask her if she was alright, the sound of a body hitting the floor was heard. He whipped back to face her once more and his eyes grew wide when he saw her lying face-down on the floor in her room.
    He darted to her side and carefully rolled her over. When she was on her back, he carefully cupped her face.
    “Phy?” he asked, eyes still wide. He marveled at how sweaty the poor girl actually was. Her hair stuck to her face in clumps and shivers wracked her pale body. “Phy, look at me,” he commanded, patting her cheek lightly.
    Her head twisted in his grasp weakly and her eyelids lifted slightly. However, her eyes rolling back into her head prevented him from seeing if she was actually comprehensive. He looked around in a panic before realizing he didn’t even know the number for the emergency center here. He looked down at the girl in his lap again before whimpering.
    “Hold on, Phy. I’ll get you help,” he said. He stood up quickly after laying the singer’s head on the floor once more. He then sprinted to the bed, grabbed the heaviest blanket he could find, and dashing to her again. Careful not to jostle her too much, he wrapped the blanket around the girl’s tiny form. He picked her up carefully and her head flopped onto his shoulder. He grimaced, feeling the heat coming from her fragile-seeming body.
    Not really knowing what else to do, he ran down the stairs, taking them four at a time. When he reached the bottom, he quickly ran out the door. He found his way to a busier street and easily found a person to direct him to the nearest emergency room. Without another thought in his mind, he raced to the building, cradling the girl carefully.
    Shade grinned, grinding against the girl he had chosen at the club. So being a star had its perks, he had to admit. She twisted in his grasp so she was facing him and rolled her body against his. He grinned as he watched her perform eagerly.
    Joel had found himself a girl as well. However, he wasn’t as interested in dancing as the other band’s drummer seemed to be. After a moment, he took her hand, intent on taking her to the bathroom for a quick fuck when his phone rang. He thought about ignoring it, but sighed, recognizing Domme’s ringtone.
    “Wait a moment, baby,” he told his date for the next fifteen to twenty minutes. She stared at him and crossed her arms impatiently as he pulled out his cell. “Yo. What’s up, Domme?” he asked.
    “Joel, I need Shade or Aaron or Harry,” came his drummer’s panicked voice on the line.
    “Domme, calm down. What’s going on?” he asked, walking away and forgetting about the girl who was waiting next to the bathroom for him.
    “It’s Phy,” the boy told him. “I don’t know what’s going on.”
    Joel suddenly smiled, calmed at what he was sure was an over-reaction by the child-like member of his band. “Listen, we know she’s not feeling well, remember? She has the flu. If she’s puking, she’ll be done soon. Just don’t bug her if it grosses you out that much.”
    “Joel, you’re not listening! I know she was sick! She’s sicker than we all thought,” Domme whimpered into the phone. The panic still in his voice sent off red flags in Joel’s head suddenly. He grabbed the remaining members of Phy’s band and found Gary as well. He motioned towards the door of the club and mouthed, “Domme,” while pointing to his phone. Seeing that he looked worried, none of the other guys complained and followed after him.
    Once they were outside the club and in their car, Joel started it and put Domme on speaker phone.
    “We’re all here now, kid. What’s going on now?” he asked aloud.
    “You’re not listening, Joel! Something is wrong with Phy!” his voice cried out to the car.
    “What’s wrong with her? Fever?” asked Shade, not really worried. Aaron laughed.
    “She gets sick all the time, Domme. I’m sure she’s fine,” he said.
    “Why is nobody listening to me or letting me finish?!” he whined.
    “Fine. What is so important, Domme? None of us will interrupt you this time,” Joel promised.
    “Phy is sick. I was watching a movie with her and she still had a fever and I offered to get her soup and she said it was hidden and she got up to come with me and she fell over and she wasn’t responding and she was sweaty and hot and I didn’t know the number for the paramedics and I didn’t know what to do and I carried her to the emergency room and she was admitted to the hospital half an hour ago and I was trying to get ahold of someone but nobody was answering and I don’t know the phone numbers of her band and I’m lost,” he said quickly, sounding as though he were still filled with panic.
    The whole car grew silent as they all just stared at the offending machine as if it had done something to them personally.
    “Domme, what is the name of the hospital you are at?” asked Joel.
    “Um…Florida Hospital Memorial Center,” he supplied.
    “We’ll be there as fast as we can,” the guitarist promised before closing the phone and throwing the car into drive.
    “Anyone know where that is?” he questioned. When everyone shook their heads, he groaned and immediately began to look for a gas station.
    “Somebody call Scarr,” he ordered.
    Gary snatched his phone from his pocket and immediately dialed Scarrlette’s number.
    Scarr sighed as her phone began to ring, seemingly from nowhere. She fished the phone out of her shirt and looked at the number with a groan. Flipping it open she rolled her eyes.
    “Yes Gary? What do you need?”
    “Phy’s sick. Like hospital sick,” was all he managed to reply before Scarr was on her feet, grabbing Harry’s hand and dragging him out into the night.
    “What’s wrong,” Harry asked as she drug him towards the car.
    “Phy’s in the hospital. We need to get there NOW,” she snapped, bringing her phone to her ear long enough to ask which hospital. Hearing the name from Gary she hung up her phone and swung into the driver’s seat.
    Harry barely had his door shut before she peeled out of the back parking lot and sped towards the hospital.
    Joel pulled into the hospital and quickly found a place to park. Without another word, the group jumped out of the vehicle and ran into the building. They walked to the front desk to ask where Phy was when Gary noticed Domme.
    The drummer seemed to be in a state of panic. He just paced back and forth, seeming to stare at everything, but the bassist knew his friend was seeing nothing. Gary gently elbowed Joel and motioned towards Domme. Joel turned and caught sight of what Gary had wanted.
    The group made their way over to the teen and he looked up as they approached. As expecting, his nerves showed in his eyes. He ran towards the guys and Joel grabbed his shoulders to help him stop. He held him firmly and looked into his eyes.
    “Domme, calm down. Speak slowly. What’s going on?” he asked.
    “It was Phy. We were watching movies and she just collapsed. She wouldn’t respond when I called to her, so I went and found a person to tell me where the hospital was. I didn’t have a car and I can’t drive anyway, so I carried her here. They took her away from me and won’t let me go see her and I didn’t know what to do and I couldn’t get any of you on the phone,” he said, starting slowly and gradually increasing in speed until he was again talking in run-on sentences.
    Before he could continue, Shade interrupted.
    “So you don’t know how Phy is? When did you get her here?” he asked.
    Domme’s hand rose and he ran it through his hair before shrugging.
    “Um…An hour and a half?” he said, not sounding completely convinced. It was at that moment that Joel’s attention was directed towards the boy’s wrist.
    “Domme, what is that?!” the guitarist questioned. Domme’s attention went to his wrist as well and he seemed to just now notice the hospital band on his own body.
    “I was admitted and treated for mild heat exhaustion after I brought her in and then they discharged me but because I wasn’t there right away and was admitted myself they won’t take me to her and because we aren’t family they said we couldn’t go in no matter what and…Scarr!” the boy called as he saw the singer rush in dragging Phyre’s guitarist as well.
    “Dominic, what the fuck is going on?!” she asked as she reached the group.
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    Domme whimpered, wondering how many times he would have to explain himself. He took a deep breath, still obviously in a panic.

    “Phy and I were watching…” he began. However, Scarrlette cut him off.

    “I want to know why the fuck we are standing in a hospital, Dominic. And what the fuck is up with the bracelet you’re wearing?! Did you guys fall or something?!” she yelled. Seeing that he looked depressed with her hollering, she stopped and took a deep breath. “I’m sorry, Pumpkin. I just wanted to know what happened. You don’t have to start with watching a movie.”

    “Phy collapsed. That’s all I know. She fell over and wouldn’t respond when I called to her. I wrapped her up and carried her here,” he said, pacing once more and running his hands through his hair nervously.

    “Pumpkin, you have to calm down. Sit. You’re making me uneasy,” she told him. He opened his mouth to protest, but quickly swallowed all thoughts of arguing at the look on the girl’s face. Instead, he did indeed sit in one of the waiting room chairs. He rested his elbows on his knees and put his head in his hands, staring at the floor as if something interesting were there.

    “Now, why do you have a bracelet for the hospital?” asked Scarr, feigning calm to try to ease her drummer’s anxiety. He looked up at her and she moved over to sit beside him, wrapping an arm around his shoulders at the pitiful face he had given her.

    “I had heat exhaustion from carrying her all the way here. I was admitted, checked out, given a clean bill of health, and discharged. Phy was taken away and they won’t let us go back,” he told Scarr. Joel sighed and sat on Domme’s other side, Gary taking a seat next to him.

    “You said you got here an hour and a half ago?” questioned Aaron. Domme just nodded pathetically. Aaron sighed as well and sank into a chair across from the other band, Shade soon joining him. Harry, however, took his turn pacing.

    “Would you sit the fuck down?! It isn’t anybody’s fault, so don’t fucking start blaming yourself! You’re not making anything better doing that!” snapped Scarrlette, glaring at the guitarist. He looked over at her and begrudgingly sat beside his twin.

    After a time, a doctor came out from the back. All attention turned towards her and she smiled at the group. She walked over and sat down between the groups.

    “Miss Milan is stable and responding now. However, she is resting. She has the stomach flu, bronchitis, and pneumonia. We had to give her IV fluids and are treating her for the respiratory problems. It’s late. You should all be going home,” she told them kindly.

    “But what about Phy?” questioned Domme. She smiled at him, recognizing him as the one who brought the girl in.

    “We have to finish this round of IV fluids and we’ll discharge her with antibiotics to treat her condition. She will have to rest and do nothing until she feels better and her fever is broken.”

    Scarr nodded and stood up. Immediately, the attention of the gathered bands turned towards her. She shrugged and looked back at them.
    “Well, you heard her. Let’s go. We can’t do anything else here. We’ll just have to wait until she gets out,” she told the guys. Domme frowned.
    “Scarr, please let me stay,” he requested. She turned to him and shook her head.
    “Come on, Pumpkin. You can’t do anything.”
    “I want to wait for her to finish. I’ll stay here. Please, Scarr?” he asked. She stared at him and sighed. When she allowed her shoulders to fall, he knew that she had conceded.
    “I’ll escort you to Miss Milan’s room if you’re staying,” the doctor offered. Domme nodded. He turned around and hugged Scarr before nodding at the rest of the guys and walking after the doctor.
    After watching Domme head to the back, Scarr quickly ushered the rest of the group out of the hospital. Not feeling like doing anything else tonight, they returned to Phyre’s house. Without a word to each other, they moved to their own rooms and went to bed.
    A knock sounded lightly on the door to the hospital room containing Phyre before it opened. The girl looked up weakly and smiled shyly at the drummer as he was allowed into the room.
    “Phy!” he called to her, rushing to the bed. He quickly sat in the armchair beside the bed and studied her face. A small blush dusted her cheeks, but she continued to smile at him.
    “I’m so embarrassed,” she admitted, looking away from him and trying to hide her face lightly. “To think I fell over and you had to carry me all this way…”
    He blushed as well and shook his head.
    “Don’t be. It wasn’t that bad. You’re not heavy or anything,” he told her. She chuckled lightly before coughing. When the hacks ceased, she rolled her eyes.
    “Pneumonia again,” she told him. He nodded.
    “They told us. Are you ok? Do you need anything?” he asked. She giggled softly and shook her head.
    “Thank you. I appreciate that and all, but I have this handy little button here that lets me summon nurses to my aid,” she told him jokingly. Her voice trailed off and her breathing became even. He looked at her face for a moment to confirm that she was sleeping.
    Relieved that she was fine, exhaustion soon overcame the boy. He laid his head on his arms and rested them on her bed. Soon he was out cold as well.
    Shuffling startled the drummer awake. He observed as IV ports were removed from the singer’s body. She was helped into clothing and, blushing, he looked away. They eased her into a wheelchair and looked at Domme.
    “She has been discharged. You may take her now,” the man offered. Domme nodded and walked into the waiting room. A look at the clock told him that all of the band members would be sleeping. He contemplated carrying her all the way back to her house before a thought struck him.
    This was the Orlando concert; his parents had flown down here to watch them. They were staying in a hotel nearby. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed his mother’s number.
    “Hello?” his mother’s chipper voice answered.
    “Mom,” he began.
    “Domme, what do you need, Sweetie?” she asked him.
    “Phy just got discharged from the hospital. She’s fine and everything, but everyone is sleeping. I need you to come take us to her house please.”
    “Who is that?” her voice came from the other line.
    “She’s the singer for the other band. Could you please just come take us?”
    “I’ll get directions from the front desk. We’ll be there as quickly as possible, Sweetheart.”
    “Thank you,” Domme responded before hanging up. He turned back to Phyre and sat down beside the singer’s wheelchair. She looked at him in confusion and he smiled at her.
    “My parents are coming to pick us up,” he told her. She smiled and nodded before the two sank into companionable silence, still a little exhausted from the night’s events.
    Fifteen minutes later, Domme perked up, smiling brightly as a couple walked into the building. He stood up and waved and they walked towards the two waiting.
    As they approached, Phyre took in their appearances. The woman was taller than she, but definitely shorter than both her husband and her son. Her shoulder-length blonde hair fell in ringlets around her face and she wore a caring smile as she looked at her son out of icy blue eyes. While the woman was embracing the drummer, Phy looked to the man. He looked a lot like Domme, pitch black hair, tall, chocolate brown orbs. He may as well have been an older version of the boy.
    “Mom, Dad, this is Phyre,” Domme introduced, pulling away from his mother with a smile. “Phy, this is my mom, Janet, and my dad, Tom.”
    Phyre smiled warmly at them. They led the two towards the car, talking to them the whole way.
    “It is nice to meet you, Phyre. Are you alright? What was wrong?” the woman asked. Phyre blushed once more and nodded.
    “I’m fine. It’s a bit embarrassing actually. I caught a cold and it got a little farther than I would have liked…” she trailed off.
    Janet clicked her tongue slightly at the girl and shook her head.
    “You should really take better care of yourself you know, you are on tour after all,” she scolded lightly as she carefully ushered the girl into the car.
    As Phyre came close Janet frowned a little. With a slight nod she ushered Domme into the car as well.
    Silently the group drove off, following the directions Phyre would mutter from the back seat occasionally.
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    When the group arrived at Phyre’s house, Janet helped the girl out of the car and into her home. As they made their way to the stairs, Janet turned her attention to her son.
    “Domme, how about you let everyone know Phyre is back and we’ll take her up to her room,” she told the boy with a reassuring smile.
    Domme glanced at Phy before nodding and charging up the stairs without a word.
    Janet and Tom lead the girl to her room silently, though it became very clear to Phyre that the pair was communicating all the same. As they settled her into her bed, it was confirmed.
    “We are aware of what you’re hiding,” Tom began.
    “Oh don’t beat around the bush Tom,” Janet huffed, turning her eyes upon the girl.
    “We know you’re a demon,” she blurted.
    No sooner had the words left her mouth then a collective gasp was heard from the doorway behind her.
    “And here I was thinking I was the only one,” came Shade’s voice.
    “You and me both,” grumbled Gary, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorframe.
    Janet’s eyes grew a little and a light blush dusted her cheek.
    “You hadn’t told your band? Any of them?”
    Phyre sighed and pulled herself upright.
    "Harry and Aaron know. They're actually wolves from my pack," she explained while the twins in question moved towards the parents. Both seemed a little on edge as they watched Tom and Janet carefully. However, Phyre was more amused by the two in the doorway.
    "Seriously?" she questioned. "Shade, what the hell are you?"
    Shade looked at her before his gaze traveled over to the twins.
    "Well, shit," he muttered. "I seem to have found my way into a bunch of dogs...I'm a panther," he stated with a grin.
    Phyre nodded before looking back at Domme's parents.
    "Well, now that you've let my secret out to everyone, can I at least request knowledge of the way you figured it out?" she asked them. She smiled as Harry and Aaron came to stand on either side of the bed and rolled her eyes. "You two are way too overprotective. They're not going to jump me after helping me home from the hospital. Now, come on. Stand down," she told them with a small, appreciative smile at both of them. They looked at her and back to Domme's parents before reluctantly taking a step away from them.
    "What the hell is their deal?" asked Shade. "I mean, I'm protective of Phy, too, guys, but this is kinda obnoxious..."
    Phyre laughed as the twins whipped over to face him, glares on their faces. The panther took a small step back and put his hands up.
    "Didn't mean to push buttons or anything," he said.
    "She's our alpha," Harry answered as though that explained everything. Phyre blushed, laughing nervously and rubbing the back of her head as she turned towards Tom and Janet once more.
    "Um...Yeah...So I guess since my other secret is out, I should let you answer and then answer any questions you might have..."
    Janet frowned.
    “And the other bands? And your intentions with our son? What do you have planned there?”
    Domme finally managed to show up with Scarrlette and Joel just as his mother began to speak. However when she finished, his jaw nearly hit the floor.
    “Mom! Why are you being so rude to Phy?”
    Janet turned to face her son and smiled.
    “Not now Honey, the inhumans are talking. Take your friends and go on.”
    “Nobody said all of us were human you know,” Scarr grumbled.
    “What the hell do you mean ‘my intentions with your son’? We’re just friends,” Phyre piped up, cocking her head to the side as she regarded the woman.
    “Just friends? Phy are you that blind? The boy is so damn hung up on you,” Joel laughed, rolling his eyes at the girl’s naivety.
    Scarrlette scoffed, shaking her head.
    “Phy would NEVER notice something like that, would you dearest,” She taunted the younger girl.
    “Shut the fuck up, Kie,” Phy stated before grimacing.
    Scarrlette growled softly and scowled at the girl.
    “Way to go, Phyre,” she hissed, stressing the other singer’s name.
    “Hey, back off,” Aaron snapped.
    “You back off,” Scarrlette growled back while drawing herself up to her full height.
    Aaron let out a growl and dove after Scarr only to be caught by his twin who then threw him back against the wall where he had previously been.
    “She wasn’t hurting Kay any, back off. They clearly have known each other a while,” he mumbled, clearly conflicted.
    “Wait, Kay? That’s not her name. She’s Kiyo,” Scarrlette frowned, turning her eyes to Phy.
    Everyone else looked to the wolf demon still in the bed and frowned.
    “What in the hell is going on,” Domme asked.
    Phyre laughed nervously and shrugged a little.
    “Surprise,” she stated lamely before sighing. She stared at the collected members before hanging her head, seeing that it wasn’t going to work.
    “Alright, this is how this goes…I am a fire wolf demon and I was named Kayumi when I was born. I was orphaned and grew up alone. When I was younger, I met Hatori and Ayame,” she said, motioning towards the twins in question. “They became my only friends and served under me. I went back, took over the pack, decided I didn’t like it, and then realized I could jump to different planes of existence.
    “Not wanting to risk losing Hatori and Ayame, I went ahead to scout the next plane I would live in. I deemed it worthy and brought them through with me. I changed my name to Kiyo on that plane. Anyway, the twins were usually away from me doing different things that I asked them to do. While on this plane, I met Scarrlette, who was then called Kieko. I saved her life and took her to a place called Cross Academy.
    “There I left her and went about my business. I came back eventually to join the illustrious Night Class and met up with her again. She had fallen for a vampire and another vampire went haywire and tried to kill her. I know this doesn’t make any sense, but bear with me. Then, I blew up and almost died. Kie went crazy and the vampire she loved left her and then I was alone. She was alone, but I was lying covered in blood and broken in the woods.
    “Vampires from the Night Class found me and nursed me back to health. After awhile, I went back and found Kie. I brought her here. I don’t know what she did really until she joined the tour with her band. When we got here, new plane, new name. I became Phyre and she became Scarrlette. I brought Hatori and Ayame with me and they became Harry and Aaron respectively. And I think that’s all…” she finished, trailing off at the end.
    “Christ Kiyo, how old ARE you,” Scarr managed to choke out.
    Phyre laughed for a moment and shrugged.
    “Oh… uh… Old,” she finished lamely.
    “Oh come on, I’ll tell you how old I am if you tell me how old you are,” Scarrlette whined.
    “10,975,” she muttered under her breath.
    Scarrlette scoffed and smiled.
    “You know, I’m actually older. I’m 20,000. You must hit your growth periods faster than we do,” she grinned.
    Janet whipped around to face the singer of her son’s band.
    “Well what the hell are YOU then!?”
    “Dragon,” Scarr answered with a shrug and a smile.
    Janet blinked for a moment and nodded.
    “And the rest of your band?”
    “Wolf demons as well, minus Domme apparently. You know, what the hell are you guys then,” Scarr frowned.
    “Wait, you said you were orphaned didn’t you? But… your parents are coming to visit,” Domme whined, his head tilted a little to the left.
    “Why am I getting the third degree in my own damn house?! Yes, I was orphaned but once I was here I was adopted. So I have parents here. Now stop asking so many damn questions,” Phyre snapped.
    “Don’t yell at my son,” Janet growled, her form slipping slightly.
    “Whoa,” Tom laughed, grabbing his wife and shaking her slightly with a smile.
    “Mom, settle down,” Domme sighed, poking her in the ribs.
    “We’re jackals,” Tom smiled, rubbing Janet’s arms a little as he pulled her closer.
    Phyre sighed as the twins began snarling, stepping in front of her. She shook her head and touched their shoulders gently.
    “Guys, calm down. This isn’t going to help any,” she told them lightly.
    “Like hell am I going to stand by and watch her attack you, Kayumi,” Harry growled, his eyes never leaving the jackal.
    “I didn’t spend this long protecting you to let a lesser dog rip into you,” agreed Aaron.
    Phyre snarled herself at the same time as Janet began to struggle harder in her husband’s grip.
    “Lesser dog?” she all but shrieked as Tom pet her head and chanted soothing words.
    “I know I taught the both of you better than that!” scolded Phyre, smacking Aaron. He whipped around and bit off a growl, averting his eyes from her. Harry spun to face her and she stared at him. He let out a pathetic mix between a growl and a whine before looking down as well. He moved more towards the side, but his twin continued to sit there, snarling softly.
    Watching the spectacle, Scarrlette inched closer to Phyre, putting herself between the wolf and the jackal female. Domme looked between the two, clearly not sure which one he wanted to console.
    Seeing that the jackal was still fuming, Phyre sighed.
    “Harry, Aaron, out,” she said. They turned to face her again, looks of astonishment on their faces.
    “Phy…” began Harry. However, she turned a glare to them and shook her head.
    “If you both can’t behave yourselves, I can’t have you here. You are causing problems. I will discuss this with you later. Now, Hatori, Ayame, get out,” she commanded, the glare still deep in her features. Hearing their given names, they knew she wasn’t playing around. With a nod, they stood up and walked out of the room. Not wanting any part of the drama that was apparently about to unfold, Shade, Gary, and Joel quickly followed.
    After the door shut, Phyre’s gaze softened and she sighed, studying her hands in her lap. A blush dusted her cheeks lightly as she stared at anything but the jackals in the room.
    “I am greatly embarrassed by their behavior. I know they are not usually that way. I believe it is just the stress of the evening combined with the information we have all shared today. I beg your forgiveness for them,” she said softly.
    Tom smiled and Domme sighed in relief as Janet began to visibly relax. Scarr, however, stared at the woman, willing herself to not beat the jackal for even thinking of harming Phyre. The sound of a cough broke the silence as Phyre fell back to her bed once more.
    All attention turned towards the wolf demon again. Noticing that she looked exhausted and was beginning to sweat, Tom began to drag his wife out of the room.
    “We’ll come back and talk tomorrow,” he promised. “No hard feelings,” he added to the girl with a smile. Phyre returned with a nod and shivered, dragging the blankets up to her chin. She felt her hair sticking to her face and sighed.
    “Oh, Phy…They only just got your fever to break,” Domme whispered, looking at the wolf. Scarr frowned and nodded.
    “Go to bed, Phy. Get some rest. Domme, let’s go,” she said. He shook his head, ushering her out of the room. Seeing that his parents were still there, he frowned and walked over to them. Scarrlette left to go back to bed for a nap while Janet and Tom scrutinized their son.
    “She has a fever again,” Domme stated simply, looking at them. Tom frowned, clearly concerned for the tiny wolf demon as his wife huffed.
    “We’ll discuss this later, Dear,” she told her son, reluctantly leaving with her husband. Domme sighed and walked down the stairs. He quickly found a chair and carried it back up to the wolf’s room.
    Placing the chair beside the bed, he sat in it and watched carefully as the girl slept fitfully. Scarr came up to check on Phyre a short time later and frowned at the jackal.
    “Domme, let her get some rest,” she told him softly. He looked up to her and nodded.
    “I am,” he retorted.
    “Come on, leave her alone,” she tried to persuade. However, he shook his head.
    “I’m going to make sure she’s ok,” he said. With a final, defeated sigh, Scarr nodded and left, realizing she was never going to make the drummer leave.
    As soon as the door closed, Phyre’s eyes opened. She smiled at the jackal as he whipped to face her.
    “Phy, are you alright?” he asked. The smile remained on her face as she nodded to him.
    “I’m fine, Domme. Thanks for asking. Have you been here this whole time?”
    “Yeah. I just wanted to be sure you were getting better,” he admitted. However, he soon averted his gaze from her and sighed, blushing. “I’m sorry about my parents. My mom is usually better behaved than that…”
    Phyre laughed lightly and shook her head.
    “It’s ok, Domme. I understand completely. It’ll all be alright,” she promised. Not entirely convinced, Domme shrugged.
    “I hope so. They’ll be back tomorrow,” he said. Phyre nodded.
    “Tomorrow,” she agreed.
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