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 Trouble and a Manga (In Ichijou Takuma One-Shot) (The Mod's Sample)

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PostSubject: Trouble and a Manga (In Ichijou Takuma One-Shot) (The Mod's Sample)   Wed Mar 10, 2010 11:23 am

Name: Kieko Sherrins, though few get to know her last name.
Type: Dragon
Powers: Shrinks, which she loves to do, and a little bit of fire, given to her by Kiyo.
Looks: About five foot nine, weighing around 125 pounds. Long legs, very fit. Gold eyes and a medium to dark purple hair that reaches about to the middle of her back. Long fangs that usually like to slip out of the corners of her mouth when she smiles, which is rare. Occasionally wanders around with her large, black dragon wings and long tail exposed in this form.

Dragon Form: HUGE black dragon. No visible markings. Gold eyes.
Attacks: Uses a broadsword, fire, hand to hand, or any number of the other weapons she hides on her persons, amazing with how little she usually wears.
Bio: Royalty, born as the purest black dragon in forever. Kidnapped by Kiyo when they were both very young. Comes across as bitter and reserved. Usually stays back a bit when Kiyo goes bouncing forward, watching to see if she's going to be needed. She doesn't usually talk first, preferring to let Kiyo take care of that. She was drug along to Cross Academy by Kiyo who wanted an adventure. Once there, she decided to shed her usual role as the sane one and decided to cause trouble along side Kiyo, instead of trying to hold her back. Stays in the Moon Dorms as well with Kiyo. She was put in advanced classes to try and keep Kiyo from doing her work as well so they could cause more trouble, as a result her grades are falling.

Kieko watched the ceiling of the room she shared with Kiyo and groaned. The wolf demon must have heard her because she giggled lightly.

“What’s wrong, Kie?” she heard the white-haired girl ask.

“I’m so bored,” she whined. Another giggle was her answer until something suddenly thudded onto her super soft bed. She looked up to see Kiyo kneeling on her bed.

“Oh, come on, Kie! We’ll find some fun!” The glint in the wolf’s eyes told the dragon that this was sure to be some kind of scheme she had been working on all night. The dragon grinned and nodded. Her roommate squealed happily before jumping up and pulling her up. She ran out of the room and to the pathway leading to the school building.

“Ki, we got suspended,” the dragon reminded Kiyo. The girl giggled.

“That just means more time for me to have set up my traps!” Kieko’s eyes widened as she looked at Kiyo.

“Kiyo Renee Okami, you didn’t!” she yelled. The other girl merely giggled and shrugged.

“Oops,” was her only reply. Suddenly, she jumped into a tree, pulling Kieko with her. They watched as the Night Class began to walk back to the dorms. Kieko watched as Kiyo’s traps suddenly began to spring one after the other. Soon, all the vampires were in various areas of the pathway, dangling in nets or from their foot in a rope. Kiyo’s giggling soon penetrated the night air.

“Kiyo-Chan!” pouted Aidou. Shiki and Rima shared a net and looked their usual emotionless selves. Kain was trying to figure out if lighting his on fire would be best or if he would land on his face. Ruka merely glared at the area the two trouble-makers were in as her hate for the wolf deepened. The worst reaction would have to be that of Kaname Kuran. Kiyo looked slightly frightened at the mere thought of the pureblood’s reaction.

Without a word, but still giggling, the two jumped down and began to walk along. They released the members of their class while laughing and talking about their courses. When the two reached Kaname, Kiyo gingerly cut him down. He landed on his feet and raised his hand. Just as he was about to slap Kiyo across the face, Kieko jumped in the way and grabbed his wrist.

“Don’t touch her!” she threatened darkly. Before things could escalate any further, Ichijou stepped in, laughing lightly.

“Kieko-Chan, I have the most recent Bleach manga. Weren’t you interested in reading it with me?”

Kaname pulled away and walked away silently. Kieko growled lightly after him, but turned to Ichijou. Secretly, she had been crushing on Ichijou, but would never admit it to him. She nodded lightly and his smile grew.

“Okami-san, you’re welcome to join us as well if you would like,” he offered to the white-haired demon. She shook her head lightly.

“No thank you, Ichijou-san. I don’t much follow Bleach. I think I would be very lost. I appreciate the thought, though.” She smiled at the vampire. He shrugged and walked away. Kieko looked at Kiyo and smiled.

“I’ll see you later tonight, Ki?” she asked her friend. Kiyo grinned.

“Of course! That is, if you come back.”

Without another word, the wolf demon vanished, something she was very good at. The dragon suppressed a snarl towards her friend and ran after Ichijou. She soon caught up and fell into step beside him. In no time, they had reached the Moon Dorm and walked into Ichijou’s room.

“It’s right here,” he said, pulling out the book. Kieko looked at it and smiled excitedly. She loved Bleach and was happy to share a manga obsession with Ichijou. He sat on the sofa in his room and motioned for her to sit with him. She skipped over and took her place. The two began to read.

At the end of the book, Kieko yawned lightly. She had not realized just how late it had gotten. She began to sit up, but found she could not really move. She looked to find Ichijou’s arm around her shoulders. She blushed lightly, but smiled and looked up at the vampire. He blushed as he closed the manga and moved his arm.

“Sorry, Kieko-Chan,” he told her. Kieko smiled and kissed his cheek.

“I don’t mind, Takuma-kun,” she whispered. He smiled and kissed her lips lightly. She giggled before laying her head back on his shoulder. Another yawn escaped her lips and his smile grew.

“Are you tired, Kieko-Chan?” he asked. She blushed and nodded.

“I suppose I didn’t realize how late it had gotten.”

Without a word and a smile still gracing his face, Ichijou rose and picked her up. He walked over to his bed and lay down next to her. She snuggled into him as he wrapped his arms around her.

‘Well, Ki was right again,’ she thought before sleep overcame them both.

And that’s that. This one was really, really, really hard to do. My friend asked me to do this and I agreed. It was a little difficult after I realized that she was asking me to use her favorite character and I had to figure out how to make her respond. It was also a challenge because these are species that aren’t actually in VK. I hope I did a good job for you, Kie! Enjoy, my readers! ^_^
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PostSubject: Review   Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:35 pm

So for those of you not in the know, this is a Vampire Knight fanfic one-shot.

I never noticed it before but Kie is slightly out of character. lol oh well, I still love this because you stayed very true to how Ki and Kie interact with eachother. The traps along the path are still my favorite part. ^_^ Great job Kay!
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Posts : 63
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble and a Manga (In Ichijou Takuma One-Shot) (The Mod's Sample)   Wed Mar 10, 2010 2:45 pm

Laughing Thanks, Kie! I tried. You have to understand that this was my first time taking Kie as a character and she is so...opposite...myself. However, that's why I love you! ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Trouble and a Manga (In Ichijou Takuma One-Shot) (The Mod's Sample)   

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Trouble and a Manga (In Ichijou Takuma One-Shot) (The Mod's Sample)
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