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 Forum Rules and Explanation

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PostSubject: Forum Rules and Explanation   Forum Rules and Explanation I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 10, 2010 2:31 pm

Alright, so I just wanted to explain what we here at F.F. are about and what we hope to gain through our community.

Firstly, as stated in my intro, I am tired of belonging to several sites, trying to better my writing, and getting nowhere. Here at F.F. I hope to create a warm, welcoming community where you can feel free to post any and all forms of your writings and gain constructive criticism to better your writing. I am trying to create a focus on reading someone elses work and try to post something helping them out to better their own work.

That being said, I know sometimes a piece leaves us feeling no different than before we read it, however I would still like to ask you to try and post an opinion about the piece. "This was good", or "This sucked", is not acceptable on it's own, however if you post your reasoning, i.e. "I liked this piece because it was simple and well written. I liked the subject matter and I feel it needs no improvement.", that is perfectly acceptable. I know all I've ever wanted was to know what someone did or did not like about my piece.

Now I know it seems odd that I want you to post a sample within the first four days of membership but I'm sure we all have a piece lying around somewhere collecting dust, or better yet, something that is our pride and joy. I ask for a sample because it will help all of us here at F.F. get a grasp of where you are at with your writing. I know I've always hated reading a really great summary and going in to read the story and finding out that someone else must have done the summary. I also like to know where the usual flaws are to watch and help the writer realize where they could use improvement.

Now, I'm not the greatest writer, this I know, but I try my best and I'm open to criticism. That is all I ask from you. I know you may not be comfortable with posting something for fear you could be wrong but here at F.F. I, your loving Admin, am VERY dedicated to making sure that NO ONE is overly critical of the writer and no one is told rudely that they are wrong. I belonged to a site that had a few members who didn't know how to be constructive with their criticism which ended up leaving the review feeling like a personal attack. I will strive to check out every review and do something about each review that is a little misguided or cruel. However, as the site grows I may not be perfect at this. At that point I ask you to send me a message, asking me to review a review you feel is too harsh or seems a bit pointless.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and keep your eye on it as I will update it throught our lifetime.
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Forum Rules and Explanation
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