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July 2019
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 Birthday Wishes, Tokio Kisses...Wait...What?! (A Bill Kaulitz One-Shot)

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Birthday Wishes, Tokio Kisses...Wait...What?! (A Bill Kaulitz One-Shot) Empty
PostSubject: Birthday Wishes, Tokio Kisses...Wait...What?! (A Bill Kaulitz One-Shot)   Birthday Wishes, Tokio Kisses...Wait...What?! (A Bill Kaulitz One-Shot) I_icon_minitimeWed Mar 10, 2010 3:54 pm

So, I figured I would get this going and post something! ^_^ I wrote this originally in January of 2009 for a user on However, it is easier to just copy and paste something I had previously written as opposed to quickly whipping up a new one. This is also my first one-shot ever written and I had never even heard of the band! Laughing Well, I think that's it. Enjoy!

Name: Melanie

Age: 17

Looks: You have long, black hair that you usually leave down. Your eyes are blue and you are average height. You have your left eyebrow pierced three times and a ring in your lip. You usually wear black pants and black, form-fitting t-shirts unless you are in school. Your uniform is a gray skirt and a white, short-sleeve blouse with gray trim around the sleeves and a gray neck tie type thing.

Got it? Good. On with the story!

You groaned as the alarm clock blared it’s call for you to get up. You rolled over and smashed your hand on top. The noise ceased for the time being. You knew it would sound the annoying buzz again in nine minutes. You never understood why it was not ten. It never made any sense. Maybe the person who invented the alarm clock worked in intervals of nine?

You shook your head and laughed. You were often thinking about odd things while waking up in the morning. When the alarm demanded you to get out of bed again, you sighed, got up, and shut it off. You gathered your uniform and walked into your bathroom. You turned on the water and pulled off your clothes while waiting for the water to warm. You thought something was missing, but could not quite place it. Suddenly, it hit you. You reached over and turned on a CD player. The songs from Tokio Hotel’s CD “Schrei” rang throughout the bathroom. You smiled and took your shower, singing along with the familiar songs.

After going through the rest of your morning ritual, you left for school. While walking, you met up with your best friend, Melissa. She had been your friend as long as you could remember and she even had your obsession with Tokio Hotel.

“Hey, Mel! Did ya miss me?”

You looked at her and laughed.

“Melissa, you were at my house until eleven last night. How can I miss you when you haven’t been gone that long?”

She clutched a hand to her chest jokingly and replied with an over-dramatic, “Ouch! That hurts me deep, Mel! And to think that I was going to surprise you with your birthday present today!”

You looked at her.

“Melissa, my birthday isn’t until next week.”

She grinned.

“I know, but I almost can’t wait to tell you what it is. Besides, I think I’ll need the time to recover in the hospital or it’ll be ruined.”

You stopped walking to look at her.

“Melissa, what are you talking about?”

Still grinning, she pulled two slips of paper out of her bag. You stared at her.

“What are those?”

She smiled and handed them to you.

“Happy early birthday, Mel! Promise not to kill me!”

Rolling your eyes, you took the slips from your friend. You let your gaze fall onto them and blinked in surprise. For a moment, all you could do was stare at the objects in your hands. Finally, sense came back to you and you looked at her.

“You can’t be serious. Did you really do this for me?”

She laughed.

“Of course I did this for you. I’ve been wanting to go, too and your birthday present seemed to be a good excuse to spoil you and myself.”

Your eyes again rested on the tickets in your hands. Squealing, the two of you hugged each other happily and jumped around. In a week’s time, you would be watching Tokio Hotel live!

**Fast forward to the night of the concert**

You and Melissa giggled as you sprinted through the auditorium, looking for your seats. When you finally reached the area you were assigned to, you both excitedly gaze at the stage. You would be able to touch the band members! The two of you squealed and applauded and cheered as the opening bands began performing.

After the openers had performed their songs, an announcer introduced Tokio Hotel. The auditorium broke into tumultuous screams as Bill, Tom, Gustav, and Georg took the stage. You gasped as you saw how hot Bill looked.

The band began performing and the fans cheered and sang along. Too soon for you and Melissa, the songs ended and the band bid everyone a good night. You two sighed and walked out of the auditorium with the rest of the gathered.

“Well, that was fun, right Mel?”

“Yeah it was! I’m so excited! Bill touched my hand!”

You thought back to when it happened.


You squealed a little as the singer leaned down to touch your hand. Unlike the rest of the fans in the front, he held your hand for a moment and gazed into your face. He quickly pulled away, surprised. He had almost forgotten to start singing again!

After that, he made several trips to grab your hand, though none were as great as the first.

End Flashback

You laughed as your friend did the stereotypical girly squeal while exclaiming, “I’ll never wash this hand again!” very dramatically, earning you looks of confusion from surrounding fans.

The walk home would have been uneventful if not for a beautiful black Labrador running up to the two of you. Melissa smiled and bent down to pet the dog.

“Aw! You’re so cute! Where did you come from? Pets aren’t allowed here,” she told the animal while gazing around.

“Hey, Mel, what do you think?”

You, too, bent down and stroked the dog’s neck.

“I don’t know. Maybe he belongs to someone around here?”

The two of you suddenly heard an exclamation.

“Scotty! Where did you get off to?”

You felt your breath catch in your throat as you turned to face Bill Kaulitz, your idol. You held back the urge to tackle him to the ground and carry him away. The dog barked at the sound of its name and ran towards the singer.

“There you are. I swear, I’m not bringing you with me again if you’re going to make me get up and find you. You know that I don’t really like to move about.”

You couldn’t speak, but from beside you a laugh emitted from your friend’s lips.

“So, you’re lazy, Bill?”

You couldn’t believe that she had talked to him like that. You made a note to hit her later for calling the love of your life lazy. Bill himself seemed surprised that someone was there to talk to him. His gaze traveled from Melissa to you. When his eyes met yours, he froze.

“Hello? Earth to Bill…” You felt the urge to hit Melissa now start to grow and really had to fight to suppress it. She was messing this up. You were messing this up! Why couldn’t you speak?!

“I suppose you could say that I am lazy. I would sleep my life away if given the chance. Did you two find Scotty for me?”

Before Melissa could mess it up by saying something like, “No, he found us,” you blurted, “Yes. We did. We brought him back to you.”

A gorgeous smile graced his face.

“Thank you. Would you two like to come with us? We were going to go get pizza.”

You froze. No way. This had to be a dream. The hottest member of your favorite band was giving you the choice to spend some time with him!

You and Melissa looked at each other before cheering, “Let’s go!”

The small group wandered to the pizza parlor. While Melissa wandered from band member to band member talking, you stayed by Bill. You laughed and joked before realizing you had a lot in common. When you arrived at the pizza place, you all ordered pizza. You continued to laugh and joke until your cell phone rang.

Picking it up, you said, “This is Mel.”

“Melanie, where are you?”

“Mom? Oh, what time is it?”

“Late. Are you and Melissa still together?”

“Yeah, we are getting pizza with Tokio Hotel.”

“Are you really? You don’t have to lie. I’m not angry; I’m just worried about you.”

“We are really here. I’ll make sure we’re home soon, Mom.”

With that, you hung up. The other people around the table were staring at you. All of you then decided it was about time to go home, so everyone stood up and left. The walk back was still fun and, too soon, you reached the area where the two groups would split up. Melissa went to tell the other members goodbye while you stood, watching Bill’s every move.

He smiled at you.

“It was fun tonight,” he said.

“Yeah,” was all you could think of. You mentally kicked yourself for such a lame comeback before his voice broke you out of it.

“Here, these are for you and Melissa. I want the two of you to come see us again.”

You looked down at your hand and saw the two tickets to their next show clenched in your fist.

“Th-thank you.”

He smiled.

“I hope you will come and see us again.”

You laughed.

“Are you kidding? I love you!”

Suddenly, you felt his soft lips against yours. Your eyes grew wide before closing and melting in his embrace. After an eternity, he pulled away and whispered into your ear, “Maybe next time you and I can go out on our own after.”

You smiled and said, “I would love to.”

With that, the band left and you and Melissa left, talking and laughing, reminiscing about the entire night even though it had just ended. You pulled out the tickets and saw they were back stage passes. Smiling, you handed one to Melissa. Her eyes grew.

“These are…”


“How did you…”

“Bill gave them to me. He wants to see us again.”

She grinned.

“More like he wants to see you again.”

The two of you laughed.

“Happy birthday, Mel. Your wish finally came true.”

You smiled and looked at the sky, excited already about the next concert you will be attending.
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Birthday Wishes, Tokio Kisses...Wait...What?! (A Bill Kaulitz One-Shot) Empty
PostSubject: hi   Birthday Wishes, Tokio Kisses...Wait...What?! (A Bill Kaulitz One-Shot) I_icon_minitimeSun Mar 14, 2010 1:37 pm

very wel written i like how u were able to make the story come to life u should keep going with ur writing
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Birthday Wishes, Tokio Kisses...Wait...What?! (A Bill Kaulitz One-Shot)
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