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 Read at your own discretion, gore, violence, horrid language inside.

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PostSubject: Read at your own discretion, gore, violence, horrid language inside.   Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:33 am

She let out a soft sigh, the sound was pleased, as she slumped back against the wall. Her clothes were covered in blood, the once white dress now stained crimson, and she loved it. Her chocolate brown hair was tied back into a bun, but even it was soaked, clinging to her head as any tendrils that had escaped clung to her face and neck. She was a sight straight from a horror film and she was more than ok with this.
Her golden eyes flicked towards the door she had just exited, knowing what lay just on the other side, and decided to re-live the moment.
The screams had been pathetic, muffled by the gag she had shoved into the younger girls mouth. She had known all along what she planned to do tonight and had come prepared. She knew to muffle the screams so as not to alert the other victims. She didn't care about fingerprints, skin cells, anything that could be traced back to her. She wanted to get caught for this one, wanted the world to know what happened when you upset her.
She had started at the bottom of the food chain in the house, choosing the fatter one, the one who had the most chance of walking in on her killing another. She had come up behind the girl, throwing a blindfold over her eyes and murmuring something about a Christmas present into her ear. How foolish.
Once she had gotten the younger girl to her room she had gagged her and thrown her to the bed, locking her into place with the chains she had put into place only an hour before. Though it killed her, she touched the little whore, knowing it would distract her from the sounds of the knife being drawn. First things first she slide the knife brutally into the little tramps crotch, violating her beyond repair. But she couldn't bear it, it was just too disgusting. She quickly slit the girls throat and changed her clothes. It wouldn't do any good to walk out covered in blood.
Two more victims lay in wait in just the next room. The first was quickly dispatched, throat slit. The gurgling sounds made her giggle as she began to advance on the older woman sitting in the chair, watching her in horror.
"What are you doing, why," came the stuttered questions.
"You know exactly why," came our killers growled answer as she threw the disabled woman onto the bed. She would take her time with this one, the one who has caused the most pain.
First came the cheese grater, flesh falling away from muscle, muscle from bone. This one she hadn't gagged, knowing no one else was in the house, this one she wanted to hear beg for mercy, scream for forgivness. She got her wish as the woman lay pleading for her life, just before it slipped away that is. Blood loss was a bitch.
Her gold eyes slid into focus once more with a laugh as she heard the door downstairs creak open. With a resigned sigh, she stood up and made her way downstairs and towards her fate.
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Read at your own discretion, gore, violence, horrid language inside.
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